Need Based Scholarships

need based scholarship

If you cannot afford to attend college, there are still options to pursue, so don’t give up your dream of a higher education. You may be financially eligible for a variety of these scholarships.

As a student, you cannot predict the likelihood of getting aid based on your financial need. You need to fill out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) paperwork and send it in. This is a usually prerequisite for any financial aid from the government, colleges or organizations.

Complete and Submit Scholarship Applications

Many schools and organizations award need based scholarships to students who cannot otherwise afford to go to college. If you think you need some financial help to attend college, you are strongly encouraged to apply.

These scholarships for financial aid vary in the amounts that are awarded. The amount you receive may be based on your financial eligibility calculations and how much the school or organization has available to fund.

Not every student who applies for aid will receive it, but you can’t receive anything if you don’t apply. As a rule, scholarships are awarded first to students with financial needs who also have strong academic records.

Federal Student Aid can Help

If you receive funding in the form of grants from the federal government, it may supplement your need based scholarships. Their rules do not discriminate by any other factor. Your eligibility will be determined by the income and assets of you and your family, if you are graduating from high school.

College is sometimes not Possible without Aid

Without government aid or need based scholarships, a four year degree may be beyond your reach financially. Even if you receive grants, college can cost more than ½ your family income if you are a low-income student.

Financial aid can be the difference between attaining a diploma and dropping out. Many students will not enter college because of their limited resources, inadequate funding or both. More than half of legitimate, low income potential college students won’t enroll in bachelor’s degree college programs because it is beyond their reach financially.

Low-Income does not mean Less Talent

Creativity, talent and intelligence are not found only in students who are wealthy. If you are a low-income student and have succeeded academically even through adversity, your accomplishment is more impressive than that of a student with a higher income. He has had opportunities handed to him, while you have worked for yours.

Need Based Scholarships

Air Force Aid Society

Air Force Aid Society Grant and Scholarship

This scholarship offers $2,000 or more to students in need who wish to attend college. It is open to spouses of deceased or active duty members of the US Air Force and children of deceased, active duty and retired members. The application opening date for 2016 is to be determined.

Randy Pausch Scholarship

Dr. Randy Pausch Scholarship

This $2,500 scholarship is awarded by the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences. Two of these scholarships are available each year, and they are not renewable.

Virginia E. Christakos Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship, worth up to $1,000 is offered by Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ). It is awarded annually and is not renewable.