Niche Scholarships


When it comes to building a funding base for your collegiate endeavors, there are many different avenues that you can take. Among the most lucrative, however, are scholarships and grants. These are great in that they provide resources to pay for school without having to spend any of your own money to apply. There are scholarships available for a wide range of different areas and genres of study. Some of these, however, are more specific than others. Among the different opportunities for which you will have the ability to apply are niche scholarships. These are those scholarships that are very pigeon-hold and offer the chance to garner funds for a vary narrowed margin. These scholarships and funding opportunities are great in that they are for a very select or narrowed group. The following outlines some niche scholarships and what their criteria is in order that you can apply.


Pittsburgh Scholarship

If you live in Pittsburgh, there are niche scholarships available just for you and your educational pursuits. These scholarships are given to individuals who are from the city of bridges and who have fallen in love with the metropolitan powerhouse. From Steelers football to fries on sandwiches, those that are looking to fund an education and are from the ‘Burgh can do so by applying for the Pittsburgh Scholarship. This scholarship is given to individuals who are currently attending a Pittsburgh school be it at the high school or collegiate level. Those that want to apply must also be looking to remain in the area for their collegiate pursuits. All those that wish to apply must also be from an approved county in the area. These include Washington, Westmoreland, Beaver, Butler, Fayette, Green, Indiana, Lawrence, Allegheny, or Armstrong. If you meet the educational and residency requirements, it could garner you an impressive five-hundred dollars toward your educational pursuits. To apply or to learn more, visit them online here.

High School Junior Scholarship

High School Junior Scholarship

Another great one of the niche scholarships available is strictly devoted to helping juniors in high school pursue their degree through a five-hundred dollar scholarship. This scholarship is narrowed down to help those that are just starting in their educational pursuits and who are just beginning to investigate colleges to have the opportunity to do so. In order to be eligible, a student must—as the name suggests—be a high school junior and have demonstrated abilities in the classroom. Unlike other scholarships, this member of the niche scholarships category of funding need not be accepted into college yet. Instead, they must be willing to fill out the approved application via this link here and must meet all deadlines. Currently, those that are interested must submit all documentation and fill out the appropriate forms by the end of June in order to be eligible for the next program cycle. If you fit this criterium and wish to apply for these niche scholarships, be sure to adhere to this deadline requirement in order that you can be considered for this award.