No Essay Scholarships


Many college students-to-be aren’t aware of the amount of money they can win for college by checking for scholarships that only require the filling out of forms online. Companies and organizations are interested in giving you educational opportunities, since they do so for charitable purposes.

Foundations with scholarships that are targeted to small niche groups want to give their charitable money to students who will take full advantage of it. These are generally open to most anyone in the US over 18 years of age, whether you are attending college already, or planning to do so.

Advantages of No Essay Scholarships


Many conventional scholarships require that you meet a set of qualifications before you can apply. You may need to have a certain grade point average, participate in community activities or have other assets attractive for prospective college students. Most of these programs also require that you spend time writing essays on why you deserve the money, or essays on titles that they may provide. Writing essays takes energy, time and some talent at writing. If your strong point is not English, you may spend hours writing essays that will not win you a scholarship. This doesn’t mean you don’t deserve the award, but just that writing is not your strongest point.

No essay scholarships are simple. They normally don’t require much time or effort for the application to be filled out. You just need to include your contact information and perhaps what you want to study in college. Once you complete that, you have done your job and all you have to do is wait to find out if you win.

Below you will find no essay scholarships for students. If you meet their requirements, you may be able to secure financial aid for college from one or more.

Some of the Best No Essay Scholarships

$1,000 Cappex Easy Money College Scholarship


This is an easy scholarship with no essay required. Fill out this easy form to register to win $1,000. It is free to apply and only takes about two minutes to complete! The registration form can be found by clicking here: Apply for $1,000 Cappex Easy Money College Scholarship.

Courageous Persuaders Video Contest

Video contests are a lot more fun than essay writing. This one is open to US high school seniors. You need to create an engaging, interesting TV ad that warns people of the many dangers in under-age drinking.

This site offers two national no essay scholarships, from State Farm Insurance and The Wall Street Journal. The awards range in value from $250 all the way to $3,000. State Farm Insurance offers a Fan Favorite Award that they give to the video receiving the most Likes. Upload your under-age drinking video to Vimeo or YouTube and drive traffic there by letting all your friends know where you posted it. Contest information is on their website.

CollegeMapper’s $1,000 No Essay Scholarships

This scholarship is very simple. Just fill out their form and refer friends to their website to gain more chance of winning. The website itself helps high school students to learn about the application process for college. Parents and counselors can sign up, too, so that they can provide additional help. You can find more info here.

Teens for Jeans No Essay Scholarship

This charity event is co-sponsored by Aeropostale and The money raised helps to collect jeans for children who are homeless. They will select two students at random and they will receive $500 each in these no essay scholarships. Schools donating the most pairs of jeans will also receive an award of $5,000.

This is a positive venture that will benefit you and also those less fortunate than you. If you don’t win, your involvement in this charitable Teens for Jeans program looks good on your other applications for scholarships. You can get full information here.

CollegeWeekLive Scholarship

This site offers simple no essay scholarships to those who are active in the process of college admissions. If you’re touring colleges currently, you may win $1,000 if you sign up at a CollegeWeekLive event. You can listen to speakers who will discuss important topics for students like you. Visit three separate booths at an event and wait for notification. You are more likely to win if you are researching colleges diligently and are serious about your upcoming college experience.

This site also offers a one-day, $5,000 scholarship, which has the same criteria. CollegeWeekLive hosts fairs at colleges that provide incentives to attending students. Check out their site here.

US Bank

$40,000 in scholarships for college is awarded by this company that deals in financial services. You may be eligible if you are in college or high school and are a US citizen. 40 names are randomly drawn every August and a scholarship of $1,000 is awarded to each of the winners. More information is available on their website.


School Grants Blog No Essay Scholarship

This college blog site offers $500 no essay scholarships to full-time students who take the time to become registered at their website. There are opportunities for part-time students, too, if you share the information on the website with friends. You have to agree to be seen on their website, along with your “name in lights”. But that seems like a small sacrifice for the chance of a $500 scholarship. “Tell a Friend” Sweepstakes

This is another simple scholarship. Just enter at the contest website and you’ll receive a personal link. Use that link to share the scholarship information through IM, blog, Twitter, Facebook or email. When your friends or family click the link, you will be entered to win $1,000 in no essay scholarships funding. If you win a scholarship, one of your friends will be randomly drawn to get a $500 scholarship of their own. Of course, the website if getting plenty of free advertising, but it’s worth the chance for a $1,000 scholarship. “Haiku Ninja Facebook Scholarship”

If you’d prefer not to write essays for your scholarship opportunities, would you consider writing a haiku? These are poems with three lines. The lines have five, seven and five syllables, respectively. The poem needs to be about how this website helped you find money for college. Just post it on your Facebook page.

Sussie Scholarship

This program awards $500 in no essay scholarship funds each month. You’ll be helping yourself and others alike when you post interesting information, the same way you do on social media sites. Your information will be voted on and then judged. Whoever receives the most votes in one month will win the scholarship. Learn more at their website.