NROTC Scholarships

Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps

The Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps, or NROTC for short, provides several different types of competitive scholarships. The scholarships cover up the full tuition of the college or university the student attends Once the student graduates, they will receive a commission as a naval officer and be required to serve at least five years in the U.S. Navy. In addition to covering the cost of tuition, the scholarship also awards students a monthly living stipend, a stipend for textbooks, and money to cover student fees. Below is additional information about the different types of scholarships that are available:


4-Year NROTC and 4-Year Marine Scholarships: These scholarships are only open to U.S. citizens who are between the ages of 17- to 27-years-old. Students must be physically qualified and must not have any convictions that would prohibit them from carrying a firearm. Furthermore, all applicants must graduate high school and must be accepted into a qualified NROTC university. This scholarship is only open to students who have less than one year of college credits. Lastly, applicants must achieve an ACT score of 22 or a comparable score on the SAT.

The funding may not be used to cover courses that are being repeated or courses for which a student withdrawals from during the course of their studies. Medical and dental insurance are also not covered. The current stipend provides an allocation of $750 each academic year to assist students with securing textbooks. Student uniforms are provided and three summer cruises are also provided to recipients of the award. The current amount of the monthly allowance varies depending on the students level, such each month freshmen receive $250, sophomores receive $300, juniors receive $350, and seniors receive $400. This award can be used to cover up to four years of a Baccalaureate degree.

Two and Three-Year NROTC Scholarships: While the majority of the 4-year NROTC scholarship requirements also apply to the two- and three-year scholarship options, there are a few differences. Students must have at least 30 semester hours but less than 120 semester hours in order to apply for one of these awards. Students must be admitted or in the process of applying to a qualified NROTC unit and have at least a 2.5 grade point average. Under this scholarship, students are not eligible to apply for the Marine option (only Navy or Nurse options are available).

NROTC scholarship

Many of the benefits are the same, including the tuition remission, student fee coverage, textbook stipend, and monthly allowance amounts. Instead of receiving three cruises, students under the 3-year option receive 2 cruises and the students in the 2-year program will receive one cruise. Uniforms are also provided.

Information about the application process for all scholarship types can be found at the following website: This website also provides information about the academic, physical and military requirements. A completed application includes an application letter, a personnel data record, transcripts, admission letter, fitness assessment results, letters of recommendation, and statements for drug and debarment.