NYU Scholarships

Every year thousands of students flock to NYU. Many students are interested in attending a university that is full of cultural and educational diversity. Additionally, the location of NYU is highly desirable for students who wish to remain in a large city during their studies. Like many large colleges and universities, NYU offers a number of college specific grants and scholarships. Some of these scholarships are listed below. In addition to looking for scholarships at NYU, students may want to consider filling out a FAFSA application to determine whether they are eligible for any federal or state funding, consider departmental awards, and apply to private scholarships. To see whether some of these NYU specific awards meet your needs, read on to see the eligibility requirements:

September 11 Scholarships: There are approximately five different scholarships offered through the university that are related to September 11th. These awards aim to fund the cost of an education for the dependent children of workers who lost their lives on September 11th. In order to be eligible, the student should be a child or spouse of an emergency worker who perished on 9/11. Only students who are applying for undergraduate admission are eligible to apply for these scholarships. The scholarship money can be used to cover the cost of student fees, room and board, or tuition. Additional information about the application instructions can be found at this website.

AnBryce Scholarships: This scholarship is available to academically promising undergraduate students. In order to be eligible, students are required to hold at least a 3.5 grade point average for the duration of their studies. The exact amount of the award varies, but it can cover up to the full cost of tuition at NYU and may be renewed provided that the student continued to meet eligibility requirements. In order to be considered for this scholarship, students are required to demonstrate that they are a first generation college student who has strong financial need. Additional information about this scholarship, as well as other scholarships open to incoming NYU undergraduate students, can be found at this link.

Global Pathways Scholarships: This scholarship is open to current NYU students only. In order to be eligible, students are required to demonstrate financial need as evidenced by their FAFSA application. The scholarship provides eligible students with an award of up to $4,000 each semester to study abroad.

Nicholas and Angelica Romanelli Endowed Scholarship:  This scholarship is open to students in the Tandon School if Engineering. In order to be eligible, students must be an incoming freshmen student at NYU. The award may be renewed provided that the student maintains eligibility criteria. In order to be considered for this scholarship, students must have some connection to the country of Italy, excel academically, and demonstrate financial need. Students who wish to be considered for this scholarship can read more information about it at the following website. Additionally, students can proceed to that website if they are ready to complete the online application form.