Obama Scholarship

Obama Scholarship

It can be time-consuming to apply for scholarships before you head off to college, but it can save you a bundle of money. There is a great deal of federal funding available for your studies, including FAFSA options and Pell Grants.

Your eligibility for these scholarships depends on how needy you are financially, and how much aid you can receive. This means that loans are sometimes needed, but exhaust the scholarship avenue first, to make sure you won’t borrow more than you have to. Through the Bill of Rights for Student Aid initiative, our president is helping student borrowers with scholarships and loans.

The Obama Scholarship at Arizona State University

This is one form of financial aid that allows equal access for all students in the state. The full name of the plan is the President Barack Obama Scholars Program.

President Obama has come to represent academic achievement, service to others, inspiring leadership and commitment to building stronger communities in the United States. These are attributes you will need in order to win this scholarship. President Obama has set new standards when it comes to accomplishing dreams.

Arizona has many high-achieving, motivated students. For some, there may be financial issues that will be barriers to a college education. With proper support, these bright students can become successful, and help to create change and build better local communities. More information about this scholarship is available on the ASU financial aid website.

Michelle Obama’s FAFSA Challenge Scholarship

Michelle Obama’s FAFSA Challenge Scholarship

First Lady Michelle Obama has instituted an education initiative known as Reach Higher. She calls on all students and student aid officials to increase the number of potential students who complete their FAFSA forms, and then share how they did it.

The Department of Education, through FAFSA, provides over $150 billion every academic year in grants, work-study programs and loans that will help students and their families in paying for college.

This Obama scholarship actually covers more financial aid avenues, in addition to scholarships. Michelle Obama encourages you and all high school seniors to make a short video highlighting how your school encourages students to complete FAFSA forms.

This program is open to students, administrators, teachers and school counselors in grades 9-12. Just upload your video to Vimeo or YouTube and share it with your friends on social media with the hash tag #ReachHigher. There is more information available on the FAFSA Completion Challenge website.

Moms Return to School

Obama’s “Moms Return to School” Government Scholarship

In addition to making student aid more transparent, President Obama is also committing himself to helping moms as they return to school. Many single mothers are not aware that the Obama Scholarship for Single Moms exists. It is available to many moms who want to continue their education.

The economy has been steadily looking better for months now, and the worst of the recession is behind us. Now is an opportune time for moms to think about going back to college. Once you have the qualifications and skills you need for the workforce, you will be in demand with employers.

This scholarship puts you in a great position to get the job you’ve always wanted. Scholarships and grants are the best types of financial aid, since you don’t have to pay them back, like you do with student loans. Learn more about the Single Moms Obama Scholarship on their website.