Pennsylvania Scholarships

Pennsylvania Scholarships

Pennsylvania is home to a number of world class colleges and universities. The plethora of options for pursuing a higher education, from the small liberal arts colleges to the large state universities, make PA one of the most densely populated college states. For many students, funding a college education can seem challenging. However, the State of PA has a number of grants that have been set aside specifically for residents of PA. Below is a list of options for PA scholarships:


Ready to Succeed Scholarship (RTSS) Program: This program is funded through the state government and provides funding to students who show academic promise. In order to be eligible, students must have a family income of less than $110,00. The amount of the award ranges from $500 to $2,000. The funds can be used to defray the cost of tuition or to help out with supplemental educational fees such as books and living expenses. Both full- and part-time students can apply for this award. Funding is awarded to those who are eligible until it runs out, so students who are interested may want to submit their application as early as possible! Additional information on this scholarship can be found here:

Pennsylvania Chafee Education and Training Grant Program

Pennsylvania Chafee Education and Training Grant Program: this award provides funding to students who were in the PA foster care system. In order to be eligible, students must be residents of PA, have aged out of PA foster care or have been adopted after their 16th birthday, plan to enroll at a state university for at least six credit hours, and show financial need. Students who are eligible can receive up to $4,750. Additional information about this award can be found at the following website:


Pennsylvania State Grant: this award is open to residents of PA who show high levels of financial need, as determined by their FAFSA application. Students must be college undergraduates in PA in order to be considered for the award. Students from both two-year and four-year programs can receive these awards. Check out this website for updated information about the amount of the awards:

Postsecondary Educational Gratuity Program

Postsecondary Educational Gratuity Program: this scholarship provides funding to children of state workers who have been killed while serving PA. In order to be eligible, students must be a resident of PA, must have lost a parent who was serving the state of PA, attend a state college or university, and be younger than 25 years of age. This award will cover the full amount of tuition, room and board, and student fees at any public college or university in the state. Additional application instructions can be found at the following website:


In addition to the scholarships above that are offered through the state government, students are eligible to complete a FAFSA which may afford them additional funding options. Many scholarships are also available to students attending college in PA through individual colleges and universities. Thus, it may be worthwhile to explore some university websites to determine if they can offer additional scholarships that meet your needs!