Physical Therapy Scholarships

Physical Therapy Scholarships

Are you a student interest in pursing a career as a physical therapist? If so, this article is for you! Funding a college education to pursue your career may seem daunting. However, below is a list of scholarships that were created just for students in the physical therapy field.

The American Physical Therapy Association

The American Physical Therapy Association offers several different scholarships and provides a guide to other federal sources of funding. One of the grants offered by APTA is called the Outstanding PT Student and PTA Student Awards. In order to be eligible for this award, students must be a member of APTA, not be a student board member, and be in their final year of an accredited PT program. Students are required to apply by the beginning of December each year. Additional information about this and other awards can be found here:

The National Association of American Business Clubs allows each chapter to nominate up to three students to receive scholarships. Chapters are required to rank their nominees based on the scholarship criteria. A variety of different scholarships are available. Additional information can be found here:

The Foundation for Physical Therapy

The Foundation for Physical Therapy offers a number of different scholarships and research grants. One scholarship, called the Florence P. Kendall Post-Professional Doctoral Scholarship provides students in their first year of PT education with a $5,000 scholarship. Another award, the Promotion of Doctoral Studies II Scholarship, enables recipients to receive $15,000 for one year of studies during their post-candidacy phase of education. Additional information about these awards can be found here:

The Indian Health Service Health Professionals Scholarship allows students from Government recognized Indian tribes to receive funding to defray the cost of their education. In order to be eligible, students must be pursuing a health field, which includes PT. Students do incur a service commitment as a result of accepting financial assistance. In exchange for funding, students must complete their service requirement in a high need area after competing their training. Both undergraduate and graduate students may apply for this award.

For students who are not yet in a PT or related health program, this source of funding may still be beneficial. The Pre-Graduate Scholarship and the Preparatory Scholarship enable undergraduate students to take prep classes or classes leading to a first undergraduate degree that will allow them to contribute to improving the health of Indian populations. Information for all of these awards can be found here:

Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps provides funding to students who agree to serve their country after completion of their degree. The program may cover up to 100% of courses taken at an accredited college or university. Depending on the specific program that the student applied to, there may be a living stipend and a stipend for books. Additional information can be found at this website: