Pizza Hut Scholarship

pizza hut scholarship

If you work for Pizza Hut, or your parents are employed there, you could be eligible for a scholarship from the pizza chain to use for college tuition. Pizza Hut is one of the best-known pizza restaurants in the world, since it has quality food and convenient locations, in addition to delivery in many areas.

Pizza Hut is about more than just pizza. The company is involved in the communities where its stores are operated. The company has long been known for an interest in assistance for education. To reflect this, Pizza Hut often collaborates with other companies in funding educational programs worldwide. In the US, Pizza Hut is particularly well-known for its more than generous scholarships.

About the Pizza Hut Scholarship

These scholarships are different than most others, since there is no established amount that is awarded. Rather, if you maintain a GPA of 2.5 or better, have financial needs that can be proven, and if you or a parent works at Pizza Hut, you are eligible to apply to the program. The amount will depend on the individual needs of the students who are chosen to win.

If you are employed by Pizza Hut yourself, you must have a positive, steady work performance if you want to qualify. You will need to have been employed for the past two years and work 20 hours or more each week. You don’t have to be a high school senior to apply for the Pizza Hut Scholarship, or to have an employed parent apply. However, the funds can only be used at accredited colleges. If you win a scholarship before your senior year of high school, you can have the money saved until you need it.

There is intense competition for this scholarship, so if you are interested in applying, do so early and make sure that your application is properly completed.


The Yum! Andy Pearson Scholarship

andy pearson scholarship

This Pizza Hut scholarship has a $2,500 award amount. Yum!, the parent company of Pizza Hut, has been committed for years to providing education opportunities. This scholarship is named for the Chairman, and has been created to support development and growth with individual employee/student scholarships. The Yum! Andy Pearson Scholarship is administered through Scholarship Management Services.


Are You Eligible for the Pizza Hut Scholarship?

All active United States Yum! Brands employees with six months or more of employment with Yum! and working an average of 15 hours or more per week are eligible. You must work for a Yum! Brands restaurant, not a franchise store.

You may be a senior in high school, a high school graduate, a holder of a GED, or a student already enrolled in an accredited two or four year college or vocational school and still be eligible for this scholarship. Your grade average must be 2.0 or greater.

If you are a legal dependent of an eligible Yum! employee, you are also eligible for this Pizza Hut Scholarship. Legal dependents are spouses and unmarried children 19 years old or younger. You are also eligible if you are 25 or younger if you are a full-time student and your parent works for Yum! brands. The employee, whether it is you or your parent, must remain an associate with Yum! Brands at the time you are paid the scholarship funds.