Political Science Scholarships

political science scholarship

The study of college-level Political Science will prepare you through all educational levels for a career in business, law, public service and politics. It is a social science, and also constitutes the backbone for careers in academics, journalism and activism. If you major in Political Science, your opportunities upon graduation are many. However, the cost for education in the field is high.

Funding for Political Science Students

For this reason, Political Science Scholarships support students who are about to enter college with a major in the field. The money comes from many diverse sources and the programs are relatively easy to find.

Professional associations, colleges and the federal government provide programs of financial aid for students. Not-for-profit organizations may also offer funding for this purpose. In particular, minority students and women can find many scholarship programs that are developed to diversify and expand a field historically dominated by white males.

Federal Grants and Scholarships

The US federal government usually provides a small number of financial aid grants for this discipline. Government loan programs and grants support primarily students in general education, but there are a few scholarships for this specific field of study.

The main source of aid for students in this field is the Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation. This foundation provides Political Science Scholarships on an annual basis to students pursuing careers in public service, government and advocacy.

Students who major in political science and are starting their junior year at a university that is nationally accredited can receive scholarships in amounts up to $30,000, to be used for tuition costs. If you win, you must agree to fulfill a service contract with a public service agency after you graduate.

political science scholarships

National Pathfinder Scholarship

This scholarship was established to honor former First Lady Nancy Reagan in 1985. It offers three scholarships annually, at $2,500 each. This provides support and assistance to women who seek undergraduate degrees or graduate degrees. Undergrads and students in master’s degree programs are all eligible to apply.

Pennsylvania Federation of Democratic Women Scholarship

Pennsylvania women in their junior year of college and in good standing academically can apply for these Political Science Scholarships. You must be registered to vote as a Democrat, and be active in the party.


Jim & Anna Hyonjoo Lint Scholarship

This $1,500 scholarship is awarded to help students to further their education and their career development, particularly in the fields of National Security, International Affairs and Counterintelligence. Those who work in these fields, along with their children, are eligible. The goal is improved global understanding and national security.

One scholarship or more is awarded each academic year. The number and amount of the scholarships is determined by funding available. The funds are to be used by college students only for tuition and fees. These Political Science Scholarships do not fund room and board.

If you apply but do not win this scholarship, you will be automatically eligible for other grants and scholarships, including the Frank & Virginia Misselhorn Scholarship. The deadline for this scholarship is July 31, 2015.