Purdue Scholarships

Students who are interested in attending Purdue University often have questions about where to look for scholarships. Purdue University has a number of awards to students of different financial backgrounds, academic backgrounds, and degree levels. The best way to start your scholarships search is to complete the online FAFSA application. This will quickly inform you about whether you qualify for any federal or state level aid. In addition to federal and state aid, Purdue University itself maintains a number of internal grants. Some of these awards are open exclusively to new students while others are open to continuing students.

New students who are interested in applying for financial aid are encourage to complete an admissions application prior to November 1st in order to receive priority consideration for funding. In fact, some university scholarships that are awarded based on merit are only open to students who apply early. A supplemental scholarship application must be turned in before January 1st if the student is applying to the Polytechnic Institute, College of Agriculture, Krannert School of Management, or the Health and Human Sciences College. Students who wish to be considered for aid based on financial need must submit their FAFSA prior to January 1st while the final deadline for other scholarships is March 1st. Additional information about the application process can be found here.

Freshman Scholarships: In order to apply for these merit awards, students have to apply for admission before November 1st. This entails submitted official transcripts, exam scores from the SAT or ACT exam, an application, and a $60 application fee. All students who apply for admission are considered for these competitive awards. Students are chosen based on a number of different criteria, such as grades, recommendation, personal experiences, and exam scores. The top scholarship, called the Trustees Scholarship, provides up to 16,000 per year for students who are not residents of Indiana. Leadership ability and community are considered for this award, in addition to academic merit. More information about this scholarship and other freshmen scholarships can be found here.

Departmental Scholarships: Different departments, such as Education, Engineering, Agriculture, and Pharmacy offer their own scholarships. The exact requirements vary by department and all of these require a supplemental application. Check out this listing to see what the specific requirements are for the department that you intend to apply for.

Samuel B Lutz Scholarship: This scholarship is open to an undergraduate student who comes from a family in the farming industry. In order to be eligible, all applicants must hold at least a 2.65 grade point average. In addition, students are required to show proof of a Schedule F form from their 1040 tax return or that of their parents. By completing the online application, which can be found here, students are automatically considered for the Emil and Laura Miller Scholarship. This is another award that is open exclusively to students from farming families. This award has slightly stricter requirements, in that applicants must show financial need and hold at least a 3.0 GPA.