Quick Scholarships

Quick Scholarship

Whether you’re a junior or senior in high school or an adult heading back to continue your education, you have probably discovered that the application process for scholarships can take some serious time. Most scholarship applications have reams of paperwork and letters of recommendation or essays to complete before you can apply.

This is not always true, however. Many programs are now testing easier applications and faster testing, using texts or tweets, or creating videos. These applications improve your chances to win scholarships without your spending lots of time on it.

Since quick scholarships are so easily to apply for, the competition can be stiff. But they don’t take much time, and it’s always better to have more scholarship opportunities, rather than fewer.

Pepper Tuition Giveaway

Pepper Tuition Giveaway

This contest awards plenty of tuition dollars to US students. To begin, you will need to be 18 years of age or older and submit a short statement about yourself to Dr. Pepper.

Once you submit your statement, you should promote it through your social networks. Your followers and friends have a chance to vote for the story they like best. The five with the most votes at contest end will win $10,000 each in quick scholarships, to help pay for tuition.

This year, all students whose stories receive 50 votes or more can enter a video contest, too. The judges at Dr. Pepper will choose the videos they find most compelling and these entrants can compete to win a chance at $100,000 for their tuition, by participating in half-time competitions at major NCAA basketball games. Learn more at the Dr. Pepper Tuition website.

E-Waste Scholarships

E-Waste Scholarships

These scholarships can be won by college and high school students. The application involves just composing a tweet. The application is submitted along with a message of 140 words regarding e-waste. If you are selected to be a finalist, you’ll need to write a real essay of 500 to 1,000 words on the e-waste topic you chose.

These are attractive and quick scholarships because you only have to write an essay if you’re very close to winning tuition funds. In addition, e-waste is an interesting topic on which to write. Learn more at their website.

Short and Tweet Scholarships

Short and Tweet Scholarships

Every year, people learn things that are important to their future. You’re no exception, right? Answering that question can earn you one of the simplest quick scholarships around. Their scholarship committee wants to know what is important to you. It will be a challenge, since it can only be the length of a Twitter post.

You can enter as often as you like, as long as you only tweet once each day. They cannot exceed 140 characters. After the deadline each year, the scholarship committee will select their winners. They do not accept late entries. Their decisions are final, as they select the students who are most deserving.

First place winner receives $1,000; second and third place tweets win $200 each. Check out their website for more information.