Ron Brown Scholarship

Ron Brown Scholarship

Many scholarships and financial grants for higher education are in memoriam or in honor of important and influential individuals. The Ron Brown Scholarship is no exception. The late Ron Brown made his impact by becoming an influential member of the US Government, serving as its Secretary of Commerce. With a dedication and passion for public service and community volunteerism, Ron Brown was a prominent black American who blazed trails and served his fellow man along the way. It is no wonder, then, that the Ron Brown Scholar Fund gives the Ron Brown Scholarship annually to those that wish to follow in his footsteps and keep his memory alive through action.


The Ron Brown Scholarship is a highly competitive scholarship. All applicants must be African American and have a demonstrated ability in the classroom. They must meet GPA requirements and show that they have a history of involvement in their community, through civic engagement or records of volunteer service. Further, applicants must be accepted into a program of higher learning at an accredited institution of their choice. There are no program or degree restrictions, but socioeconomic factors way heavily on the decision of the Ron Brown Scholarship Committee and Ron Brown Scholar Fund Board.

The Amount

The amount of the Ron Brown Scholarship is pretty impressive. Those applicants who apply and are approved can receive up to ten thousand dollars a year. This scholarship is renewable for the entire educational degree pursuit of an individual or up to four years, whichever is the lesser. The goal, then, is not to provide a one-time bump in financial comfort but to see an individual through toward graduation. In addition to the financial resources and monies, recipients of this scholarship are also provided with intangible rewards, too, including mentorship and guidance in their academic, personal, and professional lives. This allows current and past recipients to connect, stay informed, and become more than just scholarship winners but become more like family.

Goal of the Program

The goal of the Ron Brown Scholarship program is to promote the leaders of tomorrow in the black community by funding the educational needs of these individuals today. By providing resources to an often underserved population, the funds can greatly influence and encourage these minority students to pursue their dreams without focusing heavily on the financial stresses that can quickly derail an academic career.



The Ron Brown Scholarship is meant, as aforementioned, not simply to help pay for school but to promote the goals of tomorrow’s black leaders. The network of alumni recipients of this award have run the gamete in terms of their degrees achieved and successes. For instance, there are Ron Brown Scholarship Recipients in the areas of technology, the arts, politics, and more. As such, the foundation is following through on its mission of creating a more diversified workforce which sees minorities represented in the field. For more information on the scholarship and its eligibility requirements, visit here. The aforementioned link will also provide you resources on past winners and how the Ron Brown Scholarship is truly changing lives, one opportunity and one individual at a time.