Ronald Reagan Scholarships

College students usually have one thing in common: a desire to obtain additional funding to defray the cost of their college education. Given that the cost of attending college has risen dramatically over the past decade, students are frequently looking for new ways to keep the cost of their education down. One program that you may wish to consider as a funding option is the Ronald Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program. This program was created to honor the 40th President of the United States by helping driven youngsters attend the college of their choice.

In order to be eligible for a Ronald Reagan Scholarship, students must meet a number of different criteria. First, each applicant must be a U.S. citizen. Secondly, the applicant is required to hold at least a 3.0 grade point average. In addition, the students should have a combination of characteristics that indicate that are driven, demonstrate integrity in a variety of settings, and hold high leadership ability. In addition, the applicant must be in their final year of high school. Lastly, the applicant must intend to enroll in an accredited four-year college or university and attend on a full-time basis.

This is one program where the applicant is unable to directly apply for the scholarship. Rather, each student must be nominated by someone else. This may be the principal or guidance counselor at your high school, a community leader, a director of an organization, or some other elected official. This individual must be able to show that you have a combination of financial need and exemplary academic achievement.

Students who are interested in being considered for this scholarship should be sure to read more about the scholarship program prior to requesting a nomination or submitting an application. All students are judged based on four main characteristics; which Ronald Reagan was known for. These four characteristics are: drive, integrity, citizenship, and leadership. You can read more about what the selection committee is looking for in each of these categories through the definitions and examples that are provided at this website.

Students who make it to the finalist round must complete an interview. These interviews are completed either over telephone or through a Skype meeting. If you have questions about the program, can contact the GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship program by telephone or e-mail. You should expect a response within one business day. If you are a teacher or guidance counselor who is interested in obtaining additional information about this program, you should first review the flyer at this link.

Additional awards, such as the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation Scholars Program, provide scholarships that range in value from $1,000 to $10,000. The exact amount of the scholarship is made at the discretion of the scholarship committee. Students must be a senior in Ventura County, CA in order to be considered for this scholarship. Students can apply anytime between early January and late February for these awards. Additional information related to the application process can be found at this website.