Scholarship Experts

Scholarship Experts recently united with Unigo. The collaboration enables students to find information about scholarships for college, internships, career advice, and much more. ScholarshipExpert is one of the leading scholarship search engines available to undergraduate and graduate students. Students who previously had an account with ScholarshipExperts do not need to create another account; rather they have additional services that are available to them through the same account due to the merge with Unigo. Additional information on the merge, as well as how to set up a password and username, can be found at this website:

Unigo helps students locate scholarships. Currently, they boast over 3.6 million different scholarships. Given that most students do not have the time or desire to wade through that may scholarships individually, they have made the process easy by helping students match with scholarships that they qualify for. Creating a free account is simple! Students simply have to go to the this website: They fill in an application that asks for their e-mail address, name, and zip code. Students will also be asked about their year in school and the name of their current institution. After that brief screen, students will be taken to a 5-page process in order to match them with the best available scholarships.

On the first page, which is called Basics, students are asked additional demographic information, such as their date of birth, year of high school graduation, major, and their address. The second page in the process is entitled “Schools.” This page asks students to indicate their city and county of residency, their enrollment status, their career goals, and their year in school. The third page of the match process asks students about their activities. On this page, students report their grade point average, the SAT or ACT scores, any activities they engage in (hobbies, sports teams, clubs, etc.), and a list of associations or societies.

The fourth page asks students questions about their background to ascertain whether there are experiences that may help them qualify for additional awards. For example, students are asked whether they or a family member served in the military, whether they were a member of a Greek organization, whether they are a member of a Union, and whether they have received any awards. The fifth and final page of the match process asks students information about their parents, household income, and their work experience. Additional questions pertain to religion, race, ethnicity, disability status, and other demographic questions.

As students progress through each page, a number at the bottom left of the screen increases, which indicates that the number of scholarships you have been matched to is growing. Once you have completed all five steps, you simply press the “finish” button. A list of all scholarships you have been matched to comes up. Students can filter the scholarships by award size, expiration date, and other factors. It is important to note that the more complete the initial profile is; the more scholarships you may be matched with. Thus, students should take their time to complete the screening information!