Scholarships for Adopted Children


Adopted children quite often face serious hardship during their lives, including abuse or neglect, especially if they were orphaned or in the foster system before their adoption. Many not-for-profit organizations create scholarships for students who come from adoptive families, to assist them in overcoming their past and in heading for a brighter future.

Many scholarships of this type will cover not only tuition, but also mentorship, living expenses and care packages. They are available for adoptees who are first-time students in college. Some scholarships for adopted children require essays, where you may be asked to describe your life as an adoptee, and this should not deter you if you wish to apply. It can be difficult to share, but your feelings may help other children who are adopted, and give them hope.

Top Scholarships for Adopted Children

Cappex $1,000 Easy Money College Scholarship


This program is perfect for foster and adopted children in the country. Cappex was started to help students find and compare colleges and scholarships, and now they award a monthly $1,000 scholarship! If you’re up for it, you can even receive some great advice on choosing the right college!

Casey Family Scholars Program

This program is among the largest for foster and adopted children in the country. It provides between $1,500 and $6,000 per school year to students who have previously lived in private or public foster care and adoption programs.

You may be eligible for these scholarships for adopted children if you are under 25 years of age, have previously been in foster care or adopted, and have been accepted into a college that accepts Pell grant funding. There is more information about the program on their website.

Armstrong Family Foundation Scholars Program

Adopted students who live in Arizona and who plan to study at Arizona State University will want to look into this award. These scholarships require a 3.0 or better GPA, and each award is valued up to $8,000. The number of scholarships awarded varies each academic year. You may apply every year.

The spirit of these scholarships for adopted children is replacing the personal and financial support hat some students lack, because they are fostered or adopted. Eligible students include those in foster care, wards of the court, orphans and adopted children.

Recipients should be involved in other activities affiliated with the Foundation, like service learning, group meetings and semester trips to Rancho Feliz. The foundation website has additional information.

Adopted Children Fee Assistance and Tuition Waiver Scholarships

This program was established for lessening the financial burden on parents who have adopted children preparing to enter college. It extends awards to young adults and children under the age of 24, adopted by residents of Massachusetts, regardless of when the adoption occurred.

The fee and tuition waiver covers 100% of fees and tuition for colleges supported by the state, not including graduate and MD courses.

You may be eligible for these scholarships for adopted children if you are a US citizen 24 years of age or less, or a Title IV eligible non citizen who has filed their FAFSA already.

You must be enrolled or enrolling part time or full time in a program eligible for the program, and not be in default on any student loans. You must not have already received a bachelor’s degree and you must maintain your satisfactory academic standing in accordance with federal and institutional standards. The Massachusetts State Education website has additional information.