Scholarships for Being Tall

scholarship for being tall

Some grants and scholarships reward students in college for many types of academic or athletic achievements. Ethnic background and financial need are also qualifiers for programs of tuition assistance, in addition to scholastic majors and student locations.

Financial aid comes from many diverse sources, like professional associations, not-for-profit organizations, government agencies and other groups. That’s why you should use any talents and unique characteristics you have, and this includes your height.

Of course, tall students may benefit from sports scholarships, but being tall does not automatically mean you’re an exceptional athlete. Tall students can also earn academic scholarships like anyone else. However, there are some Scholarships for Being Tall that are exclusively reserved for taller students.

These are not like the scholarships that state they are for a certain color hair, or left-handed students, since those criteria are not enforced. In most cases, the height is a must-have for these scholarships.


In the United States, there are groups of social clubs to serve tall people and their unique concerns. As part of their tall-person advocacy, these organizations administer scholarship programs with assistance for tuition for taller students.

Independent Scholarships for Being Tall are handled by local tall club chapters, which spread this funding to over 50 chapters in the US and Canada. They are typically given to incoming freshmen, but they can be applied to first semester tuition for sophomores, too.

Members of these groups that represent tall students usually must meet the standard of 5’10” for women and 6’2” for men. The local chapters operate in many areas, which provides adequate resources regionally, so that most tall students can find a school and scholarship for which they are qualified.

The Top Scholarships for Being Tall

TCI Foundation Scholarships for Being Tall

If you are younger than 21 years old, and start college this fall or next fall, these scholarships may work for you. The TCI Foundation awards Scholarships for Being Tall on an annual basis of $1,000 each for taller students.

You should be entering college for your first year in the fall semester of the year in which you apply for the TCI scholarship. You have to be 5’10” if you’re a female student, and 6’2” if you’re a male student.


Boston Beanstalks Tall Club Scholarship

Boston Beanstalks accommodates incoming freshmen who meet the group’s criteria for age, height, residency, community activities and academic achievement. If you fit in these criteria, you will also need to write an essay about being tall and what it means to you. At the site above, you will find the specifics about their Scholarships for Being Tall, and topics for your essays, along with submission deadlines.

Tall Awareness Scholarship

The Tall Club of Las Vegas awards this scholarship to seniors planning to attend a post-secondary school this fall (or next fall, for the 2016 award). As with TCI and Boston Beanstalks, the height requirement is 5’10” for females and 6’2” for males. This scholarship committee actually demands verification of height by a medical doctor.

Selection is based on height, service to the community, volunteer work, academic achievement and financial need. If you are chosen as a semi-finalist, you will need to make yourself available for an interview in-person. One $1,000 scholarship is awarded each year.