Scholarships for Black Women

Black women, as a whole, face a disproportionate amount of economic issues. When compared with their white counterparts, black women often see higher levels of single motherhood, find themselves in poverty more often, and can be the recipient of both racial and sexist stereotypes. While this does not prohibit them from attending college, it can create an extreme burden when it comes to funding it. Therefore, there are dedicated scholarships for black women that are meant to help them to garner the finances they need to pursue a higher education degree. The following explains more about a few of these opportunities.

1. National Achievement Scholarship Program

One of the scholarships for black women looking to earn their degree is the National Achievement Scholarship Program. Students applying for this scholarship must be an African American student that is completing their senior year of high school, or will during the eligibility period. They must also be accepted into an accredited institution of higher learning within the United States. The award amount typically ranges around $2500 per recipient. For more information on the National Achievement Scholarship Program and how you can apply, visit

Jack and Jill African American Scholarships

2. Jack and Jill African American Scholarships

Another of the scholarships for black women and men that are looking to attend college is the Jack and Jill African American Scholarship. This scholarship is for those individuals who identify as African American and are looking to enter an accredited four year institution of higher learning within the United States. Applicants must have a GPA of 3.0 or better and can reside in any of the fifty states. If you are looking for more information, be sure to click here.


3. Joshua David Gardner Memorial Scholarships for Blacks

As the name suggests, the Joshua David Gardner Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to a black individual. Students that apply for this scholarship must be attending or be accepted to an academic institution of higher learning that is predominantly black in its racial demographics. They must also have a GPA of 2.8 or greater and have a history of community service. If you are a self-identified African-American woman who needs help in financing her education, visit the Joshua David Gardner Memorial Endowment website

4. The United Negro College Funds Scholarships for Blacks

Among the scholarships for black women are those offered through the United Negro College Funds. This organization provides thousands of dollars annually to help black students ease the cost of pursuing a college degree. To be eligible for these scholarships, however, an individual must be attending a college within their network, which is quite large. The United Negro College Fund has partnerships and offers scholarships for students in over eight-hundred colleges and universities in the United States. Because of the depth and amount of scholarships available through this fund, there is not just one to expound upon. For that reason and for more information on the application process, those looking to explore the eligibility requirements should visit here.