Scholarships for Cancer Survivors


When it comes to battling cancer, the journey can be expensive. There are medical costs, supplies, and travel for appointments, and other medical visits that can take a toll on any current patient’s or survivor’s budget. Therefore, funding endeavors like college can seem like a dream that is too far to reach. But, with the help of scholarships for cancer survivors, dreams can become reality. To help you get started, the following are a few popular scholarships that may be perfect for your financial needs.

1. The Cancer Survivors’ Fund

One of the most popular and lucrative scholarships for cancer survivors comes through The Cancer Survivors’ Fund. The Cancer Survivors’ Fund is an organization that focuses on helping those with cancer or those in remission lead fulfilling lives. They have a scholarship dedicated to achieving this end. For those battling cancer currently or those that have defeated it, this fund helps defray the cost of an upper education. The application requires some eligibility requirements and an essay regarding the impact of cancer on your life. So be sure to check out the details and click here to apply.

2. The Michael A. Hunter Scholarship

Named in honor of a victim of cancer, the Michael A. Hunter scholarship focuses on providing financial aid to students that are attending college and have faced a similar journey. The individual applicant must have a parent who lost the battle with Leukemia or Lymphoma or be battling this diagnosis themselves. All of the eligibility requirements can be found by visiting this link.

SAMFund Scholarship

3. The SAMFund Scholarship

This SAMFund Scholarship is funded by a non-profit organization that was developed to help aid those that are making the transition from patient to survivor. They do this by providing multiple grants and scholarships that make college a more realistic and financially possible option. Though the scholarship cycles can vary from year to year, the following link will lead you to more about this scholarship and how you can apply.

Friends of Scott Foundation Scholarship

4. The Friends of Scott Foundation Scholarship

Like so many scholarships for cancer survivors, the Friends of Scott Foundation Scholarship was enacted in memory of an individual who had lost their battle with cancer. For that reason, the foundation currently offers scholarships to those that have faced the battle of childhood cancer, knowing first-hand that the struggle is economically and financially hard on those that have ever faced this journey. Certain eligibility requirements do apply so be sure to visit their website for details.

5. Stephen T. Marchello Scholarship

One region specific of the scholarships for cancer survivors that is available to individuals is the Stephen T. Marchello Scholarship. This scholarship is specifically for those residents in Montana and Colorado who have battled childhood cancer. Individual applicants must be a legal US resident of this region of the country and meet all other eligibility requirements. For more details, the following link provides the current and up to date information necessary for full application and consideration.