Scholarships for Children of Single Parents

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Being a single parent is not easy. There are bills to be paid, children to care for, and often not enough finances to cover it all. Even a successful and financially stable individual can find it very difficult to raise a family on a single person’s income. The question of paying for their child’s college experience can be nearly out of the question, no matter how strong the desire to do so is. The good news is, though, that there are scholarships for children of single parents available to help them get started on their career path. The following outlines a few of these great opportunities.

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Cappex $1,000 Easy Money College Scholarship

Check out this easy scholarship from Cappex. Children of single parents have a chance to win a drawing of up $1,000 just by filling out a simple registration form. If you need it, you can even get expert advice on choosing the right college for you. It’s a win-win and definitely worth your time. Register here.

single parent scholarships

Heidi Toomey Scholarship

At Boise State, there is a concerted effort underway to help those that are statistically disadvantaged in their financial backing for college. Single parents are no exception. Though a bit more parsed down than some of the other scholarships for children of single parents, the Heidi Toomey Scholarship is available for female students that are accepted into the school and have completed their freshman year, and have minor dependents. They may also apply if a child of a single parent in order to help promote a positive legacy and bridge the financial divide. There are qualification restrictions and a designated application for this award, which can cover up to $37,000 or more in tuition and other financial aid. If you are planning on attending Boise State and fit into this category, visit here to apply.

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The Jack Hardesty Memorial Scholarship

Another option in scholarships for children of single parents is offered to students at Oregon State. The Jack Hardesty Memorial Scholarship was enacted to help students that are pursuing degrees in the Veterinary Sciences. Specifically, those individuals that are entered into the Veterinary Medicine program and are a first or third year full-time student. While not dedicated to single parents alone, this scholarship sees those with children and especially those who are parenting alone or are a child of a single parent put at a greater advantage in the application process. Whether you are considering furthering your career at Oregon State or are entering your first year in this program, be sure that you consider applying for this great scholarship opportunity.

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Crane Fund for Widows and Children Scholarship

Indiana University, too, recognizes the need for scholarships for children of single parents with the Crane Scholarship. This scholarship was enacted to help defray the costs of an education for students that have been raised in a single parent home due to the loss of the other parent. That means that a student who successfully applies must see the remaining parent as either a widow or widower. Students must also be accepted into an accredited and degree seeking program at Indiana University. If you are a child of a single parent home that meets the above criteria and is seeking a college degree from Indiana University, be sure to visit their website here for all of the important details.