Scholarships for Children of Veterans

When it comes to being an active duty service personnel, there are many struggles that must be faced. Among them is being away from one’s family while on tour and, unfortunately, struggling financially. For these reasons, paying for a child’s education can be very difficult. For families of veterans, specifically children and dependents of vets, there are many different resources that are available to help pay for an upper level education. The following outlines a few of these scholarship opportunities, including opportunities in scholarships for children of veterans that have unfortunately passed away in the process of defending the nation. Use this as your ultimate guide to helping you or your children find the resources necessary to pursue a higher degree.

Folds of Honor Scholarship

Folds of Honor

The Folds of Honor program offers several different scholarships for children of veterans. They believe in the idea that promoting the success of children of veterans is as important to helping veterans as directly contributing to them. For those that are interested, the three most popular of scholarships via this organization are the Children’s Fund Scholarship, Immediate Use Scholarship, and Future Use Scholarship. These funds are given to family members and dependents of active duty personnel, veterans, or those that have died in battle. All applicants must demonstrate that they are in fact a dependent of a veteran and that they are accepted into an accredited degree program. Further, these individuals must show that they are in financial need and meet all other eligibility requirements. For more information or to apply for one of these scholarships, be sure to visit the application site by clicking here.

John Cornelius Max English Memorial Scholarship

John Cornelius/Max English Memorial Scholarship

For those children of Marine Corp Members, one of the scholarships for children of veterans is specifically designated to be given to a marine’s child or grandchild. The John Cornelius/Max English Memorial Scholarship is provided by the Marine Corps Tankers Association and rewards the relations of those who have served in this unit. All applicants for the John Cornelius/Max English Memorial Scholarship must demonstrate their relation to a Marine Corp Tanker member and also show that they have financial need. They do not, however, have to be entering their first year of college. Applicants may be at any level of higher education as long as it is at an accredited institution. For more information on how you can apply, click here.

The Army Emergency Relief Fund Scholarship

The Army Emergency Relief Fund Scholarship

When it comes to military organizations that give back, the Army Emergency Relief Fund is one such organization. This group focuses a great deal of attention on raising funds and awareness on the issues facing all veterans—not just army vets. To help members of the armed forces focus their attention where it needs to be, the Army Emergency Relief Fund offers a series of scholarships that are devoted to providing financial assistance to veterans and their children in order to pursue degrees in higher education. While these scholarships for children of veterans and veterans can vary, all applicants must demonstrate financial need, be citizens of the US and be related to a member of the military. For more information on where you can apply, click here.