Scholarships for College Freshmen

Scholarships for College Freshmen

Many students stop looking for college scholarships once they are accepted to a college. They accept whatever financial aid they were awarded in high school or whatever scholarships that the financial aid and admission’s offices determined that they were eligible for during their application process. However, this is a mistake because there are thousands of additional grants that are available to help first year college freshmen fund their studies. Some of these awards are small and can help defray the cost of educational supplies while other are quite large and can provide substantial assistance for paying for tuition. Below is a list of scholarships that are open to college freshmen:

Battelle Scholarships and Park National Bank Scholarships

Battelle Scholarships and Park National Bank Scholarships: These two awards are offered to first year freshmen at Denison University. Both of these awards are based on academic merit and are only open to students from Ohio. In order to be considered for these scholarships, students must apply for admission to Denison University prior to January 15th. The scholarships are renewable provided that he student maintains a strong grade point average. Additional information can be found at the following website:


Additional colleges and universities offer their own funding for freshmen students, with varying requirements. For example, the Ashrook Fund and Thomas S. Holt Scholarship Fund are available to freshmen who attend Wesley College, the Presidential Scholars Scholarship is available to freshmen students at St. Mary’s College of California who have at least a 3.8 grade point average, and the Howard R. Bowen Scholarship is available to freshmen at Grinnell College. Students should contact the institution where they plan to attend to determine whether there are any scholarships available to freshmen. Some awards are only available to entering freshmen while others are open to current freshmen.

$1,000 College JumpStart Scholarship

$1,000 College JumpStart Scholarship: This scholarship is open to current college freshmen. The award provides a scholarship worth $1,000. Applicants are chosen based on merit and a commitment to pursuing an education for a better future. Only students who are residents of the U.S. will be considered. Students must complete a brief application and essay.

ThanksUSA Scholarship Program

ThanksUSA Scholarship Program: this scholarship is awarded to members of the Armed Forces, as well as their children and spouses. Each year, 500 scholarships, averaging about $3,000, are awarded to needy students. In order to be eligible, students must hold at least a 2.0 grade point average and be less than 24 years of age. Additional information can be found at


$500 GoEnnounce Yourself Scholarship: This scholarship is sponsored by SallieMae. It is a fun scholarship to apply for and students are not required to hold a certain grade point average in order to be eligible. Furthermore, there is no essay required! Students simply fill out an online form and post updated to their student bio page. Current college freshmen or those who will be entering their freshmen year are eligible to apply. A new winner is picked each month based on updates. Additional information can be found here: