Scholarships for Dads

Scholarships for Dads

One of the most overlooked categories for scholarships is that of fathers who want to return to college. If you are a dad who wants to start college for the first time or return to college, here are some tips to avoid letting the financial cost get in the way of pursuing your dreams. A number of scholarships exist, some which are exclusively for single dads. Check out the scholarships below for some scholarships that are geared specifically towards dads who want to return to school.


Scholarships4Dads: This website provides award of up to $10,000 for dads who want to return to school. The website uses a simple three step process to help match dads with funding opportunities. In the first step, dads complete and brief registration profile on the website. They then receive a message indicating that they are officially registered. In the final step, they are matched with specific programs and schools. A winner is chosen four times per year. This money may be used for tuition, to pay student loans, for books, or other educational expenses. This award can be shared among other family members. Recipients can attend any school and major in any degree program. One of the best aspects of this award is that there is no essay and no minimum grade pint average that is required. Additional information and a list of FAQ’s can be found here:

American Assembly for Men in Nursing

American Assembly for Men in Nursing: this program offers four different scholarships that range in value from $500 to $1,000. In order to be eligible, students must be members of AAMN. Awards are available for both graduate and undergraduate students. The application cycle is open from March 1-June 1. In order to apply, students must submit their completed application prior to the June 1st deadline. In addition, applicants are required to write a brief essay on the characteristics that men in nursing should have. Additional information about these awards can be found here:

Capture the Dream Single Parent Scholarships

Capture the Dream Single Parent Scholarships: This award is open to single dads who reside in San Francisco, CA. The award is only open to students who are pursuing an undergraduate degree, but students who plan to attend both a 2-year and 4-year program are eligible. In order to apply, applicants are required to submit a resume, cover letter, transcripts from high school, at least one letter of recommendation, an application form, and an essay. The brief two-page essay prompts dads to describe why they should win the Single Parent scholarship. Full directions for the essay and the application form can be found on the following website:


Young Fathers Standing Together: This website maintains a lengthy list of scholarships that are open to young fathers. The award amounts, the eligibility criteria, the application process, and the deadlines vary by individual award. Students who are interested in this award should check out the following website:


In addition to the above scholarships, some individual colleges and universities offer scholarships geared towards dads who are returning to school. Thus, students may want to check with their financial aid office.