Scholarships for Nursing Students

Nursing is a field and career that relies on individuals giving back. Nurses must care for patients and be a resource for information and education on their own health. For many individuals who want to become nurses, the schooling can quickly become an expensive and financially worrisome cost. Yet, this education is absolutely necessary when it comes to helping and aiding patients. Therefore, scholarships for nursing students have been developed by many organizations in order to help with the cost of an education. The following will tell you more about these scholarships and where you can go to find all the details needed for application.

NURSE Corps Scholarship Program

1. NURSE Corps Scholarship Program

The NURSE Corps Scholarship programs offers, as the name would suggest, scholarships for nursing students. Those that apply can be enrolled in any nursing program from an accredited college or nursing institution. Funded by the US Government, this program is meant to help those that want to become a nurse find the resources needed to fund their education. Specifically, it is meant to help encourage this field to grow because there is a shortage of nurses. Because of the governmental backing, the restrictions and eligibility requirements for this application process are a bit stringent. Therefore, check out all the details here before application.

2. The American Association of Critical Care Nurses

Another of the scholarships for nursing students is provided by the American Association of Critical Care Nurses or the AACCN. This organization, as noted in its organizational title, helps to promote opportunity and education of critical care nurses in the United States. For that reason, part of the scholarship eligibility requirements includes entering into this field of nursing. Applicants must also be a part of the AACN and be pursuing a degree as a registered nurse (RN). For more information on this scholarship, click here.

National Black Nurses Association

3. National Black Nurses Association

For minority students that are looking to pursue a career in nursing, there is help. Specifically for students who are black, the National Black Nurses Association has a fund that helps to alleviate the cost of college. There are several different scholarships available for those that fit the criteria as well as the other eligibility requirements established by this organization. If you believe that this scholarship is something that would help aid you in your return to school, click this link.

4. National Hartford Center of Gereontological Nursing Excellence Scholarship

For those that are looking for more advanced education scholarships for nursing students, there is help through the National Hartford Center of Gerontological Nursing Excellence (NHCGNE). This organization focuses on the education and importance of nurses in the field of elderly care. They also provide a scholarship for those that want to pursue a doctoral degree in the field. Eligibility requirements can vary from year to year, so be sure to check out all of the details here and consider applying if you are looking for resources to help fund your post-graduate doctoral degree in nursing.