Scholarships for Short People

Scholarship for short people

Every scholarship recognizes the unique attributes of the individuals who apply for it, but some are more unique than others. This is a way to equalize opportunities for all types of people, in the education system. Many features are taken into account in financial aid for students. Some of these include state of residence, sexual orientation, gender and ethnic heritage, but there are so many more.

Students with high grades and athletes have always been rewarded for their performance, but until recently, other students had a harder time finding aid. New features offer the incentives of scholarships in specific areas of study, especially if they are in high-demand areas like STEM subjects, foreign languages, health care and education.

Now, scholarships are available for more unique aspects of students, like those who are left-handed, blue-eyed, blonde or short in stature. Dwarfism scholarships are just one type of the unique scholarships that are out there, if you look. There are fewer students applying for this type of scholarship, so you have a better chance of winning. Even though they are not traditional scholarships, they all pay money toward your tuition. That gives you a head start on your education costs.

Scholarships for Short People

Students seeking scholarships now cover many different angles, including personal traits. Unique abilities are also an integral part of some non-conventional scholarships. Specialized scholarships target narrower audiences, including those who exhibit the characteristics of Dwarfism. This unique trait opens the educational doors for Little People. Scholarships for short people are not high in numbers, and some are exclusive. But they certainly do exist.

Dwarfism is brought on by irregularities before birth. More research is done every year on defects in hormones, an addition to research that addresses phenomena including Seckyl syndrome and achondroplasia. Dwarfism is uncommon, and some of the forms are mapped to specific anomalies in genes. Although it is hereditary, it does sometimes occur outside heredity.

Billy Barty Foundation

The Billy Barty Foundation Scholarships

These scholarships have a minimum award amount of $1,000. If you wish to apply, you must have been diagnosed with one of any dwarfism forms. These scholarships for short people can be renewed, which means they can keep on helping, year after academic year, depending on how many qualified students apply. The Billy Barty Foundation of Harrison, Ohio, sponsors this scholarship and more information is available on their website.

Little People of America Scholarships

Little People of America Scholarships

The Little People of America (LPA) is a well-funded, widespread resource for people with dwarfism, and for their friends and family. In addition to offering scholarships for short people, LPA gives those with dwarfism a forum so that they can reach out to others with challenges.

The LPA website has lists of links that will take you to resource sites. They are especially helpful for you if you have dwarfism. LPA doesn’t discriminate in their activities, and has paid out scholarship money to individuals who don’t have dwarfism. However, those affected with dwarfism are given preference when LPA scholarships are awarded.

Applicants are asked to serve in the community when they finish school, to demonstrate that they are thankful for their financial aid. Learn more on their website.