Scholarships for Undocumented Students

Scholarships for Undocumented Students

United States not-for-profit groups have dramatically expanded the educational opportunities and raised scholarship funding for undocumented students who are high performers. They envision the US as a country where each exceptional student would have the same opportunities for education and in the workplace.

These groups hope to raise awareness of the injustice of undocumented students not being able to find financial aid, and to give these students a bright hope for their future. Most of the organizations are not affiliated with any political party. They want to provide for bright minds by offering scholarships for undocumented students, because they feel that it’s the right thing to do.


Conservative estimates are that there are over one million undocumented students under 18 years of age who live in the US. In many cases, these children were brought into the US by their parents. They did not have a voice in the decision to come here.

When they reach college age, these students may be banned from applying to some colleges, or forced to pay out of state tuition, even if they live within the state where the school is located. It is difficult for them to find a way to finance their schooling, even though they are top performers in their respective classes. Not-for-profit organizations work to raise funding for scholarships for undocumented students, so that they have an equal opportunity with students born in or legally admitted to the United States.

Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund

The Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund

This fund provides $1,000 to $6,000 to students who actively work for justice and peace. The scholarships are need-based, and awarded to those who can work at college level and who wish to be part of their progressive movement in the community and on campus.

Early recipients of these scholarships for undocumented students worked for civil rights and peace. Recent awardees are active in struggling against sexism and racism. They work to build a movement for justice and peace through solidarity on the international scale. You can learn more at the scholarship website.

10,000 Degrees Undergraduate Scholarship

10,000 Degrees Undergraduate Scholarship Program

This scholarship is for students who can demonstrate financial need. You may be enrolled in a program towards your first associate’s or bachelor’s degree or your teaching credential in the 2016-2017 academic year. You must be enrolled in 12 units on average in the current academic year. Students from Sonoma and Marin counties have priority in the selection process.

Applications for this scholarship are submitted online. Additional documents may be required. Materials should be attached to the application online or mailed. Their website has more information about this opportunity.

Dream Summer

Dream Summer

This is an internship program from the Dream Resource Center. These scholarships for undocumented students empower immigrant youths to become the next leaders in social justice, through professional development and leadership.

The goal is to create healing, safe spaces where immigrant youth may connect with each other. The program promotes a multi-generational, cross-racial learning experience.

Recent recipients of the Dream Summer program have engaged in social work and in addressing the rights of immigrants. They have worked to eliminate deportation and mass incarceration based on color and immigration status, and for access to health care by all. More information is available on the organization website.