Scholarships for Women in Science

scholarships for women in science

Whether you want to earn your first degree or return to school to train for a new career, you’re one of many women who attend college today. In science fields, men heavily outnumber women, though. This makes women the minority in many classes.

To encourage women like you to enroll and excel in these science fields, numerous scholarships and grants are funded by individuals, organizations and private companies for female students in engineering, computer science, physical science and biology. Scholarships for women in science are much easier to find today than they once were.

Blewett Scholarships

M. Hildred Blewett scholarships

This program enables women to return to studying physics after having had their career training interrupted. It has one-year scholarships that pay up to $45,000. They pay not only for tuition, but also for dependent care, travel, fees and equipment.

In order to be eligible for these scholarships for women in science, you must:

  • Be a legal resident, citizen or resident alien in the US or Canada
  • Provide proof from a US or Canadian institution that you will have affiliation with them during your grant tenure.
  • Have already completed some courses towards your Ph.D.

The selection committee uses these criteria to choose recipients:

  • Status of your career before you took a break from schooling
  • Your qualifications
  • Your relationship with the research community
  • The steps you have taken to return to research

There is additional information available at the scholarship website.


YouthForce 2020 Scholarships

Turner YouthForce 2020 Scholarship

Turner Construction Company in New York City selects five senior students each year from New York City schools. They are awarded these $8,000 scholarships for women in science. To be eligible, you must be majoring in architecture, construction management, mechanical engineering, civil engineering or electrical engineering. This program was designed to encourage women and minorities who strongly desire to pursue a degree in one of these science fields. You must also be legally allowed to work in the US and supply the selection committee with documents that show your identity and your employment eligibility.

These scholarships award $8,000 for one academic year, regardless of how long you will be in school to complete your degree program. You should be involved in community and school activities and maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher. Include a written essay, between 350 and 500 words on the subject of why you want to pursue a career in the science field. The Turner Construction website includes more useful information.

J. Harrod Scholarships

These $1,500 scholarships for women in science provide female students with financial assistance for schooling. They are for those female students who have been admitted to an accredited graduate or baccalaureate program, to prepare for a career in computer science, engineering or engineering technology.

The school you choose to attend must have an accredited study program. Approved programs are in schools accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), in engineering and computing. Computer science or engineering students must enroll or be accepted into a school whose programs are ABET-accredited.

The first international scholarship under this program was launched in 2010. It will be awarded to a student in Querétaro, Mexico. You will find additional information on their website.