Scholarships in Maine

scholarships in maine

Maine is a beautiful part of the country. Nestled in the Northeast and known for their vibrant culture and fishing life, this region of the world is absolutely stunning in its physical beauty and the interesting people that it brings. It also has many institutions of higher learning that make going to school in this state a choice that many want to make, if they can afford it. If you are from Maine, consider looking for scholarships in Maine that make going to school all the more possible. The following are a few of these different financial rewards that may be available to you if you choose to apply.

AV Stout Fund Research

AV Stout Fund Research Grant

When it comes to attending school in the Northeast, one of the most important financial burdens that you will likely face is paying for your scholarly activities. These can cost thousands of dollars out of pocket, which is why the AV Stout Fund stepped in to help. The AV Stout Fund provides individuals that want to live, study, and research in the Northeastern region of the United States the opportunity to do so at less of a cost to them. This one of the scholarships in Maine is offered to students that want study and improve upon conservation and wildlife efforts in the region. The AV Stout Fund can provide thousands of dollars in research grants to those that are pursuing a degree that allows for better management of the politics and efforts surrounding the need for better protection of the beauty of the region. For more information or if you would like to apply, visit the AV Stout Fund application page by clicking here.

The Catherine Wilder Guiles Scholarship

The Catherine Wilder Guiles Scholarship is provided to students in Maine that demonstrate an interest in the mental health field. Specifically, it allows individuals that want to obtain a graduate degree the opportunity to do so at a reduced cost by providing assistance that can help pay for tuition and other books. Post graduate degrees can be expensive and this one of the scholarships in Maine knows and recognizes it. That is why they provide such a resource. Students must be attending on-campus mental health programs at the post-graduate level at either the University of Main or the University of Southern Maine. Those that are pursuing degrees in a distance learning environment, however, are not eligible to apply. For more details or to apply for this scholarship, be sure to click here for all of the information you need.

Maine Veterinary Medical Association Scholarship

Maine Veterinary Medical Association Scholarship

Caring for animals is an important part of many individuals lives. For those that take an active role in promoting the health and well-being of these often four-legged creatures, there are scholarships in Maine to support your education. Specifically, the Maine Veterinary Medical Association Scholarship offers high school graduates looking to pursue a degree in veterinary medicine the opportunity for a financial reward by filling out an application here. Individuals must hold a minimum GPA, show involvement with animals, and meet other criteria in order to be awarded.