Scholarships in Ohio

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When it comes to funding a college education, there are several different scholarships available to help aid an individual with the cost. Many times, though, these scholarships have specific, targeted audiences. For instance, there are scholarships available for women specifically while others are for certain degree areas. There are scholarships for cancer survivors and there are those for continuing education. One way that scholarship providers can target an audience is for geographic restrictions. For Ohio residents, the following outlines scholarships that are just for you with a list of a few scholarships in Ohio. Be sure to read below for further details on each and any other eligibility requirements that need to be satisfied.

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1. Ohio War Orphans Scholarship

An unfortunate part of war or conflicts with other countries is the sudden and devastating loss of life that it can cause. When a family loses a member, it can put extreme economic pressure on the group that may prevent college to be derailed indefinitely. For war orphans living in Ohio, though, there is help through the Ohio War Orphans Scholarship. The Ohio War Orphans Scholarship is a state funded scholarship that helps defray the cost of college tuition for dependents of those who lost their life in battle or were severely disabled. The application details and further requirement on this one of the scholarships in Ohio can be found here.

2. Ohio Safety Officers College Memorial Fund

For dependents of safety officers that were killed in the line of duty, there is financial assistance available as well. Another state funded scholarship opportunity, this resource is for dependents of civil servants such as firefighters, police officers, and other professions that have protected others in their communities. The criteria and amount of monies can vary from year to year, but the fund can cover an individual student for the complete cost of a college education. To learn more and see if you are eligible for any of these scholarships in Ohio, visit this link.

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3. Blanche Opal Dotson Memorial Scholarship

Scholarships in Ohio may have more than a residency requirement. They can also be more niche as well. For instance, the Blanche Opal Dotson Memorial Scholarship is for female residents of Greene County, Ohio. Further, students who are eligible for this scholarship need to be at least a sophomore status and also must attend Mount Vernon Nazarene University. If you are interested in attending this school and will be majoring in business—another requirement—look here to find more information.

4. Ohio Occupational Therapy Association Scholarship

Another of the scholarships in Ohio is specified by major as well. Specifically, the Ohio Occupational Therapy Association Scholarship is available for those Ohio residents who are pursuing a degree in this field. Though there is some fluctuation possible from year to year, the current financial aid amount is $850. This can help to defray the cost of expenses such as books and room and board. For more information on the criteria of this scholarship, be sure to review this information.