Scholarships in South Africa

Scholarships in South Africa

Not all scholarships are regionally based but some of the most lucrative opportunities are. For instance, if you are attending school in South Africa or are from this region of the world, there is financial aid and assistance that is devoted solely to helping you to begin your educational career just because you are interested in this region. No joking, there are scholarships in South Africa that are given to those individuals who live in this region or are attending school. If you are interested in applying for one of the scholarships in South Africa or are at least looking for opportunities, the following are some of the scholarships available to help get you started on your quest to financial freedom.

Bertha Masters Scholarship at UCT Graduate School of Business

One of the scholarships in South Africa that is available to students is for those that are attending the UCT Graduate School of Business. Individuals can receive tuition reimbursement and/or additional monies to cover the cost of their education. The goal of this scholarship is to encourage the next generation to dream, achieve, and pursue social and humanitarian change. Specifically, the Bertha Masters Scholarship is developed to build the entrepreneurial spirit and create innovators in business that impact more than just the region but the world. Those that apply will have to retain a particular academic curriculum, grade point average, and also be demonstratively involved in their communities. For more information and all the restrictions and eligibility requirements, visit the UC Graduate School of Business scholarship page here.

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Rhodes Scholarship for South African Region

The Rhodes Scholarship is one that you may have some familiarity with but may not know that there are regions defined to receive this award. Among the Rhodes scholarship regions is South Africa. That means that there is a Rhodes scholarship reserved for a student from this area of the world or who wants to study in this area of the world. The Rhodes scholarship for the South African Region is like any other Rhodes scholarship in that it asks individuals and applicants to demonstrate that they are leaders both in and out of the classroom. Students who apply must demonstrate that they have initiative, drive, and a desire to pursue educational and career goals that will continue this legacy of demonstrated leadership. The Rhodes Scholarship for South African Region can be found by clicking here, as well as all the details you need in order to make a successful application. Rewards can cover the full cost of tuition and more so it is worth at least exploring this amazing opportunity in scholarships in South Africa.

SA-GER CDR Schoalrship

The DRD in South Africa offers merit scholarships for students from the Sub-Saharan region of the country. These students must have an excellent academic record and must be accepted into the University of the Western Cape in South Africa or be a South African student studying at Ruhr-University. Applicants must be part of the MA program in Public Administration, Developmental Management or Developmental Studies. They can also be a PhD program pursuer as well. For more information, find the application and details here.