Scholarships in Texas

Scholarships have several different criteria and eligibility restrictions that help to target a particular group or subsection of the population. In the United States, there are several scholarship opportunities that are restricted to only certain students that fit a particular state residency requirement. State governments, localities, and businesses from a particular region of the country often help their own by providing these types of state scholarships. Others, however, promote scholarships for a particular residency group in order to increase the amount of up and coming talent within a particular industry. Texas is no exception. The following scholarships in Texas are for residents s of the region who are looking to further their post high school education.

1. Area Go Texan

Rodeo is big in Texas and there are several great scholarships that result from this passion. Among them is the Area Go Texan Scholarship. One of the scholarships in Texas, the Area Go Texan scholarship offers seventy-eight one year scholarships, awarded to a student in each of the Area Go Texan coverage areas. This scholarship can range in value from year to year and county to county, but is meant to help Texas residents reach their full educational potential. For more information, go here.

2. Texas 4-H

4-H is a common activity in high schools across Texas. There are thousands of students that enjoy this extracurricular, and sometimes curriculum based, activity. The goal of this program is to teach students about farming and other agricultural elements. With so many programs throughout Texas, it is no wonder that the Texas 4-H and its agricultural partners offer several scholarships in Texas. The main criteria for this scholarship is that a student be from Texas and be a current participant in 4-H. More details are available here. Apply and you may receive one of the several scholarships they offer each year.

3. BJ Dean Scholarship Fund

For students looking for scholarships in Texas, there are several options available through the BJ Dean Scholarship Fund, sponsored by the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. Students must be a resident of Texas or of Middle Tennessee and must meet other eligibility requirements as well. They must be in college or accepted into an accredited collegiate program and have demonstrated academic ability. For more information on this scholarship, and the other BJ Dean Scholarship Fund resources, be sure to click this link and head to their website.

4. Jake Jones Memorial Scholarship

Scholarships in Texas for those wanting to attend an accredited university can be even further parsed down beyond this residency requirement alone. For instance, the Jake Jones Memorial Scholarship not only requires that an individual be from Texas, but also that they have a learning disability and demonstrated desire to attend college. Students planning to attend school while facing a learning disability can be very trying on both the mind and body. That is why the Jake Jones Memorial Scholarship, with details and eligibility requirements found here, believe in helping to take the pressure of financial worries away.