Southern Scholarships Foundation

The Southern Scholarship Foundation was created to assist students from underserved backgrounds achieve a higher education. In particular, the Foundation aims to support students who demonstrate good character and who have excelled academically, but may not otherwise be able to afford the cost of a college education.

In order to be considered for this scholarship, applicants must meet a variety of different eligibility criteria. First, all applicants must demonstrate a good character. This can be done by submitting character references, through letters of recommendation, and through an essay written by the applicant. Furthermore, in order to be considered for this scholarship, each student must be able to demonstrate financial need. This can be done by completing a FAFSA application form prior to the deadline. The applicant will need to send a copy of their SAR report. All students must also show that they have been accepted into a college or university, that they have the motivation and determination to complete a degree, and that they have the potential to complete this degree. In fact, a minimum high school grade point average of at least a 3.0 is required. Additional information about the eligibility requirements can be found here.

Students who are ready to apply must have access to a computer, as no hard copy applications are reviewed. Students are encouraged to submit their applications by March 1st for the fall or by October 31st for the spring. However, there is no set deadline and applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Applications will only be reviewed once all materials are received.

To complete your application, be sure to check that all components have been receive. This included a list of any honors received and extracurricular activities that you engaged in and a copy of your transcripts. In addition, each applicant should write an essay that ranges from 500 to 750 words. Applicants get to choose from one of four different essay topics, such as describing their goals and how they plan to achieve those goals. Additionally, each applicant must provide proof of acceptance into a college or university, in the form of an acceptance letter. Financial information from the FAFSA and a photograph are also requirements of the application process. Lastly, each student must solicit at least two letters of recommendation. Additional information of the application process can be found at this website. In order to actually begin the application online, students should head to this website, where they will need to create a free account.

Both graduate and undergraduate students are eligible to receive this award. Students who are interested in applying for more than one college or university, will be required to complete two different applications. This mostly pertains to students who have not yet decided which college they wish to attend. These scholarships can be renewed, provided that the applicant maintains satisfactory progress and at least a 3.0 grade point average. The scholarship assists students defray the cost of housing, by enabling them to live rent free.