Staples Scholarships

Most college students know that Staples is one of their first stops for school supplies. From binders and markers to erasers and photocopying, Staples has everything college students could need to complete complete their school assignments. What you may not know is that Staples also sponsors scholarships. If you are still looking for additional funding to support your college studies, check out these scholarships below which are funded by Staples:

Staples for Students $50 K Scholarship Sweepstakes: This scholarships sweepstakes is open to any student who is at least 13 years of age or older. In order to be eligible, the applicant is required to be a resident of the United States. The best thing about these scholarships is that each of the winners are chosen randomly, giving everyone a chance of winning. The four drawings are held between July and August of the application year.

Want to get in on the action? There are two main ways that you can enter the sweepstakes. The first way to enter is to request a free code. This option does not require you to make a purchase. In this option, you simply go to the Staples website where you can request one free code per day. Each code will be different and it will be e-mailed to the e-mail address you enter. If you follow Staples on social media (i.e., Instagram, Facebook, etc.), you may also receive additional codes at random times. The second way to enter the contest is to make a purchase at a Staples location that is a minimum of $25. Every time you purchase at least $25 worth of supplies during the entry period, a receipt will be printed for you with an entry code. Be sure to save this receipt so that you can later use it to enter yourself in the sweepstakes.  You can only enter once per day.

There are four first prizes, which enable the winner and one friend to go to CA to attend a concert with Katy Perry. These awards are valued at $3,450. There is only one grand prize scholarship, worth $50,000 and that winner also gets to attend the concert, making the value of the grand prize $53,450. This scholarship cycle for 2016 application period has ended, but be sure to check this website for deadline requirements in future years.

Staples Dependent and Associate Scholarship Program: Staples also offers scholarships specifically for their associates and for the dependent children of their associates. These scholarships are open to students who are attending various types of school, including undergraduate, graduate, and vocational programs. Usually, there are about 3,000 scholarships awarded, which range in value from $750 to $2,000. The deadline for these scholarships is September 30th and winners are notified within two months. In order to be eligible, the associate must have worked at Staples for a least three months, during which time they worked approximately 18 hours per week minimum. These scholarships are based on the funds available. Associates should obtain an application form from Human Resources.