Starbucks Scholarships

Starbucks has given us much to love, including caramel macchiato, yummy pastries, and fair trade coffee. However, there is now another reason to love Starbucks! While Starbucks has always had an attractive benefits package for its employees, it now offers another perk. Recently, Starbucks announced an initiative with Arizona State University to offer full tuition coverage at that institution for any part-time or full-time employee at any of its stores. Each employee will benefit from the support of school advisors, an option to choose from more than 60 different undergraduate degrees, and access to tutoring that will be available 24/7.

If you are interested in benefiting from this program, full details are available at this website. First you must apply to work at Starbucks and become an employee. You will be eligible for the ASU tuition remission after you complete your first three months working at Starbucks. After this time, you will be eligible for the ASU program. At that point, you will want to get in touch with an enrollment counselor and apply to ASU. Starbucks employees can apply to the ASU program for free at this link. After admission to ASU, you will enroll for courses under the guidance of your Academic Advisor. You may need to pay a portion of your tuition upfront, but you will be reimbursed for your ASU classes on your Starbuck’s paychecks.

Employees who wish to learn more about the Starbuck’s College Achievement Plan and Pathway to Admission can find additional information at this website. In fact, prospective students can even watch a brief video to learn more about the application process and tuition reimbursement plan. Starbuck’s specifically chose Arizona State University’s online program as its partner because it has been ranked as one of the best colleges in the United States and uses data driven techniques to provide high quality education to its students. In addition, the program offers a wide array of major choices and enables students working at any Starbuck’s location to attend classes through its online platform.

Current Starbuck’s employees who are enrolled at another college or university do indeed have the option of transferring to ASU. Students can connect with an ASU admission’s counselor to determine whether they meet the ASU admissions requirements. Students who are thinking about transferring are encouraged to do so as soon as possible to maximize the education benefit provided to them through Starbucks.

The exact cost of your education will depend of your financial aid profile, your intended major, and the number of courses you wish to take. Prospective students can estimate their tuition and fees using ASU’s online College Plan Tool. Basically, the out of pocket cost will vary from employee to employee. You will receive the reimbursement that you are eligible for via your Starbuck’s paycheck. Additional information about the payment process, as well as a link to the online financial aid estimator, can be found here. That same link also offers answers to other commonly asked questions that many students have.