STEM Scholarships

stem scholarship

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math studies. Careers in this area are quite hot right now.

Choosing a major in a STEM field may lead to lucrative job opportunities when you graduate. If you’re just entering college, though, you need to think about the ways to pay for your college education. If you want to study in a STEM field, you will find excellent opportunities for scholarships.

Scholarships are awarded yearly for students attending college and majoring in STEM fields. These provide valuable support for the education of the next generation of scientists.


Scholarships for Women

If you are a female student entering college and interested in STEM fields or mobile computing, there are four-year, full-tuition STEM scholarships that are designed to create an increase in the number of women who study and influence the future of fields like math, engineering, technology, science and mobile computing.

As a rule, scholarships in STEM fields are among the most numerous available to incoming freshmen.  Most of these programs require you to hold a GPA of 2.75 or higher, and demonstrate a financial need. You will usually be required to enroll full-time and declare your major in a STEM field.

National Society of High School Scholars Foundation

This foundation awards STEM scholarships for groups that are under-represented in the field. The goal is the reduction of financial barriers for students with leadership and academic potential, so that there will be more diversity in the workforce of the technology field.

The National Society offers scholarships to students who pursue a degree in any one of these STEM classes:

  • Teaching in STEM-related areas
  • Physics
  • Operations Research
  • Oceanography
  • Nuclear Engineering
  • Ocean Engineering
  • Naval Architecture
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Materials Engineering
  • Information Sciences
  • Geosciences
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Sciences
  • Behavioral, Cognitive and Neural Sciences
  • Civil Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Biosciences and Pre-Med
  • Aeronautical Engineering

HENAAC Scholars Program STEM Scholarships

This program was developed to address the need in the United States for more domestic scientists and engineers. The goal is ensuring STEM college student retention with 3.0 GPA or better. This will help in guaranteeing college graduation of scholars with a technical degree in four to five years.

This scholarship also contributes to the Hispanic community by allowing Hispanic students to become role models in STEM fields for future generations. It seeks to secure the place of the United States as the highest performer and the leader in the world in the field of technology.

Science Sscholarships

NSF Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Program

This program is awarded by the National Science Foundation. It works at providing STEM Scholarships for undergraduate students with financial need. It provides funding indirectly for students at the undergraduate level and focuses on the educational development for these students through development, training and retention. There are other funding opportunities not directly paid through NSF, and these are listed as active awards at your college of choice.