HSF Scholarships


HSF, or the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, offers scholarships exclusively to students of Hispanic heritage. In addition to providing an abundance of scholarships (more than 150 to be exact), students can find a plethora of information on the website. The main website, which can be seen here, has information that pertains to student applicants, parents of [...]

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Teaching Scholarships


Students who are planning a career in teaching are among the most well funded students. A number of resources have been created to support the education of promising young teachers. In part, this is due to the lack of certified and qualified teachers. Some awards require teachers to specialize in high need areas, such as [...]

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Hispanic Scholarship Fund


The Hispanic Scholarship Fund has over 150 types of scholarships to assist students of Hispanic backgrounds make college more affordable. Since it was founded back in 1975, the program has awarded over $470 million in scholarships. HSF scholars benefit from the program in several ways, such as financial support, mentoring, and networking. In order to [...]

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Scholarships for Brown Eyes


They say the eyes are the window to the soul. They tell a story just by looking into them. Yet, eyes are more than just a means of seeing the world and a way by which the world can see you. Instead, eyes are a part of the body that can actually be beneficial [...]

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Scholarships for Hispanic Women


Women and racial minorities can face many difficulties in their life that are unique to each of these characteristics. Women, on average, make less than their male counterparts and can face discrimination in hiring at higher rates than said counterparts, too. For that reason, many groups and organizations reach out to minority groups in order [...]

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