Ronald McDonald Scholarship


The Ronald McDonald Scholarship program provides a number of scholarships, of varying amounts, to make college more affordable. These awards have been given out to high school seniors since the program stated back in 1985. To date over $37 million in scholarship money has been awarded to financially needed students from diverse backgrounds. Students are [...]

Hacer Scholarship


Hacer scholarships are provided through the Ronald McDonald House Charities scholarships program. The HACER scholarship is open exclusively to Hispanic American students, but other specific funding opportunities exist through Ronald McDonald for students from other minority backgrounds. Since its inception, RMHC has donated over $24 million in scholarship funding to students from Hispanic backgrounds. In [...]

Hacer Scholarship


The Ronald McDonald House Charities is a philanthropic group that works throughout communities to promote volunteerism and support of fellow community members. There are several different aspects of this charity and what it does to give back. One of the ways that they reach out—and the one of focus in this discussion—is through scholarship opportunities. [...]