TESDA Scholarship Guide

tesda scholarship

If you’ve never heard of a TESDA scholarship, you’re not alone. TESDA is an acronym for the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority. Their goal is helping to raise awareness among students that a professional education is needed if they are to expect a brighter future.

The institute aids students in obtaining technical skills through not only learning, but practice. The program is targeted to Philippine students and other technical workers that live in the Philippines. The group produces and offers to students specialized training in fields where there is a strong demand for well-trained workers.


The TESDA Scholarship

Each year, TESDA opens several slots for students interested in the field of antiques. They may have as many as 600 slots a year for students who want to learn the background of this field. TESDA has offered these opportunities since 2009. Their Antique Central College (ACC) has short and long term courses, which have helped hundreds of students already, in obtaining accredited certification. This will allow them a better chance of gaining a position in this field.

Courses may last as little as 15 days or as long as three months. A short-list of the commonly studied topics includes:

  • Barista
  • Commercial cooking
  • Processed drinks
  • Processed foods
  • Technology
  • Computer hardware
  • Technology service

Each year, hundreds of interested students get diplomas for free. With a TESDA scholarship opportunity, students learn to work within communities that expand and attract disparate companies from around the world. The program improves the lives of many students.


How Can You Apply for TESDA Scholarships?

Students can achieve a full education without spending a great deal of money in the process, through the TESDA scholarship program. The funding ensures that the students who enter the TESDA program get real chances of graduation. There are many people who wait for slots to open, and apply for them. It is, therefore, quite important that you carefully submit your application, since there may be thousands of applicants a year. To stand a better chance of being chosen, there are tips that will help you become a more attractive candidate.


What does TESDA look for?

TESDA scholarship selection members consider various things when they determine who will be accepted into their studies. Your application papers should be detailed and complete. TESDA requires various documents and proof of aspects of your education. You must be in need of financial help for your studies. Be sure to send them everything they request, or your application may be overlooked.

Deadlines are extremely important, as well. TESDA will not accept any late applications. Make sure you have all your documents ready, and file before the deadline. If you’re not sure if you have enough time before the deadline for your paperwork to arrive at TESDA, you may send it through a courier service.

Watch for news at the official TESDA website and contact them as needed, to keep track of the application and selection process. Be sure you guarantee yourself the best chance to be one of the student team of TESDA. Let them know you are interested by sending accurate and complete paperwork.

If TESDA excludes your application, don’t give up. Each year, slots may open up outside the normal times of selection.


Student Assistance and TESDA Scholarship Programs

The programs through TESDA are targeted at addressing access and equity by providing TVET enrollees with financial assistance directly, in all regions of the Philippines. The scholarships being currently implemented include:


Training for Work Scholarship (TWSP)

This scholarship provides an immediate intervention to meet needs for critical skills in high demand. Its objectives are two-fold:

  • To drive the TVET provision purposefully for available jobs, through training programs and incentives connected directly to open jobs. These positions offer immediate employment in-country and overseas.
  • To strengthen and build the capability and capacity of TVET institutions to improve and expand the delivery of relevant, high-quality and efficient programs of training that help students meet requirements for high technology jobs.

This program has been in existence since 2006. It started out with funding directly from the President’s office and became part of the yearly budget in 2008. It was developed in response to the need in business for people with critical skills for priority sectors. These include tourism, construction, metals and engineering and the Business Process Outsourcing.


Private Education Student Financial Assistance (PESFA)

The second TESDA scholarship program was set up through Section Eight of Republic Act 7545, which is also called the Expanded Government Assistance to Students and Teachers in Private Education (GASTPE) Act. PEFSA awards grants for the education of deserving and qualified freshmen in non-degree and degree courses. The goal of this program is to:

  • Extend needed assistance to deserving but financially marginalized students attending post-secondary schools in non-degree courses
  • Contribute to a skilled and competent work force
  • Promote TVET
  • Assist learning institutions in their efforts at development, by ensuring that they have a steady supply of qualified enrollees in their offered courses

PEFSA has directed scholarship beneficiaries regarding their career choices with an eye toward critical skills needed in in-demand jobs. It allows for the equitable distribution of opportunities available through subsidies of the government.


Implementing TESDA Guidelines

If you don’t have the finances to study in post-secondary schools, you can enroll in the TESDA courses that are offered to students like you. There are training centers accredited by TESDA that offer students short-term courses in vocational skills that can be enrolled in through summer semesters, or anytime in the calendar year.

TESDA scholarship opportunities are included on the official site, as are updates, when they are announced. You can easily navigate the TESDA site to find useful information about the program.

If you want additional information about a course in which you are interested, or if you need to find a training center or accredited school in your municipality, you can perform those functions on the official site, as well.


TESDA Vocational Courses Offered Currently in the Philippines

To find registered courses within the TESDA scholarship program, you may visit this page on their website. Be sure to watch for any open application dates and submit your information, complete and correct, as soon as you can. Since there are limited spots to be filled each school year, you should consider applying as soon as possible.

We hope you enjoyed our TESDA Scholarship Guide!