Texas Tech Scholarships

Students at Texas Tech University usually have one common concern. Namely, that concern revolves around figuring out a way to finance their education. However, TTU offers a variety of scholarships that are available to prospective and current students. Some of these scholarships require that students complete the FAFSA application. Thus, any student who wishes to be considered to scholarships at TTU should complete the FAFSA application as early as possible. In addition, TTU students may wish to explore the following TTU scholarships as a way to help fund their college education:

Freshman Presidential Scholarship: These scholarships are open exclusively to incoming freshman at TTU. All of these scholarships are awarded based solely on academic merit. Students who are chosen to receive this award receive a 50% reduction in the cost of tuition. Each semester, this scholarship will pay half of the tuition. Non-residents who receive this scholarship also receive an additional perk; they receive in-state tuition which will drastically reduce the cost of their education. Students have the best change of obtaining this award if they are admitted to TTU prior to mid-April. All of these scholarships require that students hold at least a 3.25 grade point average and meet minimum test score requirements. Additional information about these awards is available at this website.

Proven Achievers Scholarship: This award provides a maximum of $13,000 to students who transfer to TTU from another institution. In order to qualify, all applicants are required to hold at least a 3.5 grade point average from their community college career. In addition, students must be accepted with at least 60 credit hours that are approved for transfer to TTU. This scholarship can be renewed for a total of four semesters, provided that the recipient successfully completes at least 12 credit hours per semester and maintains a 3.25 grade point average during their time at TTU. The scholarship is awarded in increments of $3,250 each semester. Additional information about this scholarship, as well as other transfer scholarships for TTU students, can be found at this website.

The application process for scholarships at TTU is slightly different depending on the type of applicant. Students, including graduate students and continuing students, can find complete information about how to apply for TTU scholarships using this link. Current students are required to compete a university application form in order to be considered for scholarships. This form will quickly tell them whether they have qualified for one of the university’s 4,000 scholarships, without the need to apply separately to each award. Current students can also watch a video that will provide application instructions. In addition, students are encouraged to ask about scholarships in their academic department or college.

All students should make sure to adhere to TTU’s scholarship timeline, which can be found here. In general, it is suggested that students complete their FAFSA in October. Freshmen students who wish to be given priority scholarship consideration should submit their application prior to the December 1st deadline.