Thank You Letters for Scholarships

Thank You Letters for Scholarships

After receiving a scholarship, it is imperative to send a well written and thoughtful thank you note. This provides reinforcement to the funders that they have chosen the right candidate as the winner of their award. Furthermore, many scholarships are funded by individuals or organizations who are generously donating a significant amount of hard earned money. Students who take the time to write a thoughtful letter provide reinforcement to the donors that their work is important, that money to support education is needed, and that they have selected a worthy recipient.

The next part of this blog is geared towards students who have already received a scholarship (congratulations on your achievement!). Students are often eager to write their first thank you note for a scholarship and do so hastily. However, it is definitely worth following some important tips. After all, your writing is a reflection on you and you want to be sure to present yourself in the best possible way to your donors. You never know when additional funding through the same organization may be a possibility.

What makes a good thank you letter? One of the most important aspects of a thank you letter is to ensure that it has been proof read. This means checking for any spelling or grammar mistakes. Make sure to express your enthusiasm for receiving the award as well as your gratitude for the scholarship. Adding a personal touch, such as how this will decrease the amount of time you will have to spend working over the summer or how the award will enhance your studies may be appreciated. As with all writing, you should make sure to write clearly. The thank you letter should also be a fairly brief document and following the format laid out below may be beneficial to many recipients who do not know where to start.

Thank You Letters

The content of the letter should be based off a formal business letter. This means including the date, the names of the donors or organization, the name of the scholarship, and the full business address. The next step is to make sure that you use an appropriate greeting (i.e., Dear). In the first paragraph, it is important to clearly state why you are writing the letter. This may include a brief statement of your acceptance of the award as well as a thank you for your generous scholarship. In the second paragraph, you will want to include some personal information about yourself (such as your academic plans or how the funds will help you) as well as state the importance of receiving the funds. In the third paragraph, you reiterate your original thank you and demonstrate that you are committed to achieving great things with the donor’s funding. The last step is to sign your letter with your name and full address.

scholarship thank you letter

The scholarship thank you letter should always be typed, never handwritten. Furthermore, the use of high quality paper is highly recommended. It is also common courtesy to send this letter within a few days of receiving notification that you have been selected as a recipient.