The $1,000 Cappex Easy Money Scholarship

Selecting a school is only part of the battle. Often, the cost of tuition and living expenses weighs heavily on the minds of applicants. After all, four years of higher learning can add up. And while your education is invaluable, there are still bills to pay. Thankfully, Cappex also provides a scholarship search engine with over $11 billion in funds you can apply for to help bankroll your future. Plus, there’s the $1,000 Cappex Easy Money Scholarship.

The $1,000 Cappex Easy Money Scholarship is a cinch to apply for. If you’re looking at next year’s tuition bill, this scholarship needs to be on your to do list. There’s no long-winded essay about how you’re going to change the world or who was the best character in some old industrialist book. You don’t even need to describe how your studies will help you be the best engineer, lawyer, nurse, writer, etc., you can be. All you have to do is complete a free Cappex profile and share your different extracurricular, volunteer, and leadership activities. Simple! Not only will you be able to apply for the Cappex Easy Money Scholarship—you’ll also be eligible to apply for other scholarships that can help take the burden off of going to school. Even better, Cappex does this monthly. That means more chances to win and invest in your future.

Once you’ve applied for the Cappex Easy Money Scholarship with your completed free profile, searching for other suitable scholarships will be even easier. A completed profile helps you find scholarships that are a good match for your interests and activities. In addition, Cappex lets you know just how much competition you may be facing for each scholarship, allowing you to determine how best to spend your time. For time-strapped students, this can be a lifesaver.

The $1,000 Cappex Easy Money Scholarship isn’t only easy to apply for, it just makes sense. By completing a free profile with Cappex and applying for the Easy Money Scholarship, you’ll be opening the door for more scholarship opportunities. Your free profile will make navigating the Cappex web portal simpler and allow you find scholarships and grants that are right up your alley.

The importance and usefulness of these tools cannot be overstated. With the costs of tuition constantly rising and students taking on more student loan debt, it’s important to have as much information as possible regarding colleges, their costs, and their overall value. Tying this information with a scholarship search engine and allowing one profile to serve as a reference point for both college searches and scholarship searches saves time and makes finding the right information easier.

Searching for the right college can be hard. Paying for it can be even harder. Thankfully, Cappex makes it all just a bit easier by providing you with the tools you need to make the best decision.

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Prospective college students face a lot of choices. With thousands of accredited schools in the United States, how can a student easily narrow down their options and make an informed choice? It’s a daunting task, to say the least. Savvy students are looking for a wealth of different qualities in a school, from academic rankings and value, to study abroad programs and future employment opportunities—but how can they easily find and categorize this information?

Many online portals have stepped up to fill this gap of information and help students select a school. Most offer information that is readily available through school websites, providing one simple place to look at different schools. College recruitment officers also maintain an online presence, allowing students to contact them with their questions in hopes of encouraging them to enroll in their programs.

In this same vein, multiple sites have attempted to provide a comprehensive search of different scholarships available to prospective students. Students can filter through scholarships by location and interests and apply accordingly. To be truly useful, however, a scholarship search engine must feature current scholarships and grants with clear eligibility requirements. Unfortunately, some of sites suffer from a lack of organization and end up featuring defunct scholarships or ones a prospective student isn’t eligible for.

While the Internet has certainly made finding schools and scholarships easier, it can still be difficult to sift through multiple sites and find pertinent information on colleges and scholarships based on particular interests and goals. Plus, while these sites may offer useful information about each school and statistics regarding majors and graduation rates, they don’t necessarily show what it’s actually like to enroll in the different colleges.

What is Cappex?

Cappex, the innovative college and scholarship decision headquarters, identified these issues and created a web portal that truly highlights each school they feature. Their portal creates a unified experience for prospective students and helps make seeking the right college an exciting experience.

Cappex makes it easy to get information on over 3,000 schools and more than $11 billion in scholarships. Rather than searching for all your preferred schools individually or through various ranking sites and using different scholarship and financial aid sites, Cappex provides a single web portal to help simplify what can be a nerve-wracking process. And the best part? It’s all free.

Cappex provides information on more than 3,000 schools, including different statistics and the majors offered. Plus, students can review their schools, offering prospective students more in-depth information about the environment, courses, extracurriculars, and all around campus life. Prospective applicants will get a better picture regarding their favorite schools, or will at least be able to narrow down their search. One of Cappex’s unique features is the ability to see one’s likelihood of acceptance at a particular institution. In addition, a free Cappex profile will also allow schools to contact potential students and let them know why they should enroll in their program.

Comparing schools is made simpler by Cappex’s unique sorting algorithms, which allows you to discover which schools are the best for you depending on your interests. For example, if you want to know about the school with the best acapella scene or an active ultimate frisbee league, Cappex will help you sort schools by those activities. Need to know which school has an active chapter of your grandfather’s frat or your mother’s sorority? Cappex can help.

Of course, Cappex also offers the traditional information regarding graduation rates, majors, class sizes, and more. But with more individualized statistics, Cappex allows prospective students to dig through the plethora of schools to help find their perfect fit. Even if you’ve already narrowed the field to your top five, Cappex provides a more indepth view of your selected schools to help you learn more about what you’re signing up for and allows you to investigate your chances of being accepted.

One unique way Cappex provides a detailed view of colleges is through their annual “Cappies,” an award based on student ratings. Students select the top 25 schools for six separate qualities, including best dorm, best value, safest campus, best activities, best food, and the hardest college. The Cappies highlight these student-rated schools and allows more prospective students to find their perfect school. What better way to highlight what a school has to offer than by asking the students?