The Ben Carson Scholarships

The Ben Carson Scholarships were created to help young students who volunteer in their community. The scholarships have provided more than 7,000 students with an award worth $1,000 each in order to defray the cost of their college education. Students must have a strong commitment to community service and a high grade point average in order to receive recognition through this scholarship.

In order to apply for this scholarship, students must meet a number of eligibility requirements, which are outlined on this website. First, each applicant must be enrolled in 4th grade through 11th grade. Additionally, each applicant must attend a K-12 school that is located somewhere in the United States. Students must hold at least a 3.75 grade point average and demonstrate a strong commitment to volunteering in their community. Students are required to obtain the nomination of an individual at his or her school (i.e., a principal) in order to complete the application process. The individual who provides the nomination is required to fill out the Application Request Form in order to initiate the application process.

The next step in the application process occurs at the beginning of fall when materials are given out the the schools. It is important to note that typically only one student per school can be nominated for this scholarship. The student who is nominated must submit their completed application prior to the January 6th deadline. A completed application includes a variety of different components. For example, students must submit information regarding all community service activities that they engaged in, a letter of recommendation from a teacher, an essay, their report card, and detailed biographical information. Once the student has submitted their application, the nominator will be contacted to complete their portion of the application. Students will be contacted sometime in March regarding their application status. Detailed information about how to apply for this scholarship can be found at this website.

Schools who wish to be added to the distribution list can complete the contact information at this website. This means that they will receive the information at the beginning of fall regarding the upcoming cycle. However, the school will still be required to nominate a student in order to have that student considered. The Fund already has an established relationship with some schools, such as those in D.C., Maryland, and Delaware. Additionally, previous schools that have nominated a student in the past will also receive information automatically. Additional information for schools can be found at this link.

The nomination form and online application form become available in mid-October. Schools have until December 21st to nominate a student. All applications must be received from the student applicant, along with all supporting materials, by January 6th. Principals will be required to verify the application nomination by mid-January. Finally, students who are chosen for this scholarship will be notified in March. Students who want additional information about the timeline can e-mail the Scholarship Director at Additional information can be found here.