The Boren Scholarships

The Boren Scholarships

The Boren Scholarships provide the unique opportunity for students from the United States to study a foreign language abroad. There are scholarships available for both undergraduate students and graduate students, although the requirements and amount of funding slightly vary. Regardless of grade level, all applicants for the Boren scholarship must show that they are interested in learning one of any number of selected high need languages.

Students who are interested in apply for the Boren Scholarships can apply to study in one of several locations, which include Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa, Eurasia, Asia, the Middle Easter, and Latin America. One important factor to consider when deciding whether to apply for this scholarship is that all recipients are required to work for the federal government for a minimum of one year after their college graduation.

Undergraduate students are encouraged to submit long term proposals, as students are highly encouraged to study abroad for at least two or more semesters. Students should first explore what language they want to study. The program only supports languages that are considered highly needed in national security. A complete list of these languages can be found at this website.

The amount of the scholarship depends on a number of factors. For undergraduate students who are interested in a summer program, students can receive up to $8,000. The summer program must be at least eight weeks long and the summer only option is open exclusively to students in STEM fields. Undergraduate students who plan to study abroad for only o ne semester can receive up to $10,000 while students who will be abroad for 6-12 months can receive up to $20,000. Undergraduate students must apply prior to the February 9th deadline.

In order to apply for this scholarship, students must first locate the Boren campus representative for their school. This information can be found by exploring this website. Students should also be sure to read through the application instructions located on the same page, prior to beginning their application. As part of the application process, students must submit a number of documents, including: a program budget, a self-assessment of their language abilities, two essays, two letters of recommendation, and a study abroad program.

Graduate students are also eligible to receive Boren funding, which is known as a Boren Fellowship. The Boren Fellowships enable graduate students to study abroad for anywhere between three to twelve months. Just like the undergraduate awards, only areas where high need languages are spoken will be approved for a destination. Students must also agree to work for the government for at least one year after graduation. Graduate students can receive up to $24,000 to defray the cost of their study abroad materials. Students can also receive up to $12,000 to complete an intensive language program in the U.S., prior to their departure for the study abroad program. Students who are interested in this fellowship should be sure to submit their completed application prior to the January 31st deadline. Additional information can be found here.