The Buick Achiever’s Scholarship Program

The Buick Achiever’s Scholarship Program provides scholarships worth up to $100,000 per student. The scholarship especially seeks students who are planning to study one of the STEM fields and who demonstrate a high level of financial need. Furthermore, students must show strong academic promise. The program was created in an effort to give back to the community and to help support financially needy students who wish to obtain a college education.

Every year, the program offers 50 students a wonderful scholarship worth $25,000 per year. These scholarships are renewable, such that the student may receive it for up to four years to complete their undergraduate degree. In some cases, students may be eligible to receive an additional $25,000 for a fifth year of study if they decide to enroll in one of the eligible five-year programs in engineering that is approved by the Scholarship Program.

In order to apply for these scholarships, students must meet a number of different eligibility criteria. First of all, applicants must demonstrate a desire to major in a field of study that is related to the automotive industry. Secondly, applicants must be a permanent resident or citizen of either Puerto Rico or the United States. Only students who plan to study on a full-time basis at an accredited institution are eligible for the funding. Students must plan to attend a university that is located in either Puerto Rico or the United States. In addition, applicants are required to adhere to one of the eligible majors which are supported by the program (the full list can be seen here). Current college students and high school seniors can both apply for this scholarship.

Applicants are evaluated based on a number of different criteria. When judging the candidates, priority consideration is given to first generation students, veterans, females, and minority students. Aside from that, applicants are evaluated based on their financial need, previous academic achievement, work history, interest in pursuing a major that is supported by the Scholarship Program, leadership ability, and extracurricular involvement. The majority of the awards will be given to students who intend to major in a STEM field.

This scholarship is unique in that there is no age limit. Thus, returning students or non-traditional students can be considered for this scholarship. The $25,000 per year can be used to cover a variety of educational expenses, such as textbooks, student fees, room and board, tuition, school supplies, and any equipment that is required by the student’s program. In order to be eligible for the award to be renewed, applicants must maintain a 3.0 grade pint average for the duration of their studies.

Students who are interested in applying can find additional information online. For example, here are some bios of previous Buick Achievers Scholars. Students who have remaining questions should be sure to explore the FAQ section of the website. This list of questions, which can be viewed here includes additional information regarding the application and selection process, among commonly asked questions.