The Drake Scholarship

The Drake Scholarship

The Drake Scholarship Foundation began awarding scholarships in 1965. The program started by awarding scholarships worth $250 and now offers more than twenty scholarships that are each worth $3,000. The scholarships were created to honor the memory of individuals who have perished from the Drake community. As such, these scholarships are funded by the foundation and community donations.

A full list of current scholarships can be found at this website. Each scholarship includes a brief descript of the individual that it honors, the years it has been awarded, and the name of the recipient for each year. Students can also see the titles of previous scholarships and the winners at this location.

In order to apply for this scholarship, students must be a Drake high school senior. Furthermore, students must plan to enroll in the Gap Year program, a two-year college, or a four-year college right after graduation. Applicants are chosen for the $3,000 scholarship based on a combination of factors. For example, students are evaluated based on financial need, previous academic merit, and service to the Marin and Drake communities. Students who have remaining questions about the scholarship can e-mail one of the following individuals using the information on this website.

Students who are ready to apply can proceed to the application, which can be found on this website. The application requires that students first complete a FAFSA application and include a portion of this as part of their application. In addition to the application form, students must submit a number of supplemental materials. First, students are required to write about where they see themselves in 5-7 years. Secondly, they are required to provide a response as to whether they experience any circumstances that adversely affected their educational o personal situation. All applicants must submit a list describing all awards and honors they have received over the years. Additionally, students need to create a submit a separate list that details which activities and/or athletic programs they have participated in and describe their duration of their involvement. Students should also reflect of what areas they have improved in the most. The application also requires that students create a list of their interests outside the classroom, such as hobbies and activities.

The recipients will be notified on May 26th during the Senior Award Evening. All applicants are required to attend the Awards Celebration if the are invited. Additional information about the application process for this scholarship can be found here. Students can read about previous winners at this website and a full list of all winners can be seen here.

The Drake Scholarships provide a reminder that it is important to check with your high school to determine what scholarships are available through the applicant’s high school. In many schools, there are several awards that were created to honor the memory of students, staff, or faculty who have died or those who have contributed a great deal to the school. Students can easily check with their high school guidance counselor about award opportunities.