The Nurse Corps Scholarships

the Nurse Corps Scholarship Program is a unique program that provides scholarships to students who are enrolled in a variety of different nursing programs. This program is supported by the United States Government in an effort to increase the number of nurses who practice in areas that are considered high need. In exchange for receiving a scholarship, students must agree to work at a high need site for at least two years.

In order to be eligible for the Nurse Corps Scholarship program, all applicants must be a citizen of residents of the United States. Applicants may hold hold current service commitments or be delinquent on federal debt. Furthermore, the applicant may not have federal judgment liens against their name. In terms of education, the student must plan to enrolled in an eligible two-year, four-year, or graduate program for nursing. The program must be located within the United States and classes must begin prior to September 30th of the application year. Students are selected based on a number of different criteria. However, one of the factors that is given the most weight is the financial need of the applicants.

This scholarship provides recipients with a variety of different benefits. Students receive financial support in order to cover the cost of their student fees and tuition. In addition, a monthly stipend worth $1,330 is provided to the applicant and additional funding is available to cover the cost of other student educational expenses, such as textbooks.

In order to apply for this scholarship, students should read through the checklist on this website. In the first step, all applicants are encouraged to review the eligibility and service requirements to ensure that they are eligible and comfortable with the scholarship terms. Secondly, students should ensure that they are enrolled or accepted to one of the following eligible programs: Diploma School of Nursing, Associate Degree School of Nursing, Nursing Bridge Program, or Collegiate School of Nursing. All applicants are encouraged to review the service requirements, which mandate that recipients serve at least two years at an eligible site.

For prospective students who are ready to apply, creating an online account using this website is the best way to get started on your application. During the application process, applicants will be required to provide different documentation and supporting documents. The applicant will want to have all of this information ready prior to beginning the application. This includes official transcripts, essays, proof of United States citizenship, a resume (of 5 pages or less) that demonstrates work and volunteer experiences, acceptance report of good standing, and verifications and evaluations from the student’s college. Additionally, applicants are required to obtain letters of recommendation, sign an authorization to release information, and review and sign a statement related to the service commitment.

Students who are chosen for the award can complete the two-year service commitment in a number of different locations. Available options include hospice programs, certified community behavioral health clinics, rural health clinics, and many more sites. Thus, recipients can choose a site that best matches their career goals.