The University of Kansas Scholarships

Future and current students at The University of Kansas typically wonder how much an education will end up costing them. Luckily, KU has a variety of scholarships available to students to help them fund their studies. One of the best ways to begin your scholarship search at KU is to complete the FAFSA application. This form will quickly inform you about whether you have qualified for any financial aid at the federal or state level. Another great way to find some money to study at KU is to look into scholarships that are offered at the university itself. Some of these awards are offered exclusively to incoming freshmen students, while others are open to returning students, transfer students, or graduate students. Check out the list below for some of the great scholarships offered through KU:

National Merit Finalist or National Merit Scholar: Students who have been designated as either a National Hispanic Scholar or a National Merit Finalist and who are residents of Kansas, are eligible to receive this scholarship automatically. Eligible students must simply choose KU as their top college pick when their fill out their rankings on the National Merit Scholarship Corp. Students who are eligible, receive a scholarship that is valued at $40,000. The award is broken up into $10,000 increments per year. Additional information about this scholarship and other merit scholarships for incoming freshmen can be found here.

KU Excellence Scholarship: KU maintains a variety of merit scholarships for incoming freshmen who are residents of other states. The KU Excellence Award is one such example. In order to be eligible, students must have achieved at least a 3.5 grade point average in their high school career, have scored a 1310 on the SAT (or 28 on the ACT), and reside in a state other than Kansas. All applicants automatically receive this scholarship if they apply to the university by November 1st. The award provides eligible students with a total scholarship of $43,852. This amount is divided into four equal increments, which is the amount students receive each year. Additional information about this and other merit awards for non-resident students can be found at the bottom of this page.

Transfer Student Scholarships: KU maintains a number of different scholarships for students who are planning to transfer to their university. In general, all scholarships for residents of Kansas require at least a 3.25 or 3.4 grade point average. In addition, they require that students apply to the university by Feb. 1st. The scholarship amounts range in value from $500 to $6,000. These awards are exclusively for students who are planning to obtain their first bachelor’s degree and who have at least 24 credit hours than can be transferred from a community college.

There are also transfer scholarships for students who are residents of other states. These awards vary in value from $3,750 to $32,889. All students must have at least a 3.25 grade point average in order to be considered. Additional information and eligibility criteria can be found here.