Tylenol Scholarship

Tylenol Scholarship

There are many major companies that you are likely to have purchased a product from that do more than just push goods and services. Many large corporations, charitable organizations, and small businesses alike make a portion of their company mission to participate in outreach and projects that give back. In the list of givers is the TYLENOL brand that donates to charity and also offers scholarship opportunities for those in need. The following outlines more about the Tylenol Scholarship specifically, focusing on the eligibility requirements and overall goals of this company program.


The Tylenol Scholarship is offered to students that are looking to continue their education at an institution of higher learning. Like so many scholarships, this financial program does have requirements for eligibility, including the field of study that one must be pursuing. The Tylenol Scholarship program is open to residents who are interested in going into the healthcare field and pursuing a degree at an accredited institution of higher learning. With so many of Tylenol’s products aimed at helping to promote health and ease ailments, this is an understandable and fitting eligibility requirement.

Individuals looking to apply, though, do not need to feel as if they need to be going into a niche medical market of study, however. The healthcare field is wide open and includes many often uncommonly thought about fields, including engineering and chemistry. Of course, the degree and field are just one field of interest. Other restrictions do apply and this criteria and information can be found at the application site here.

Tylenol Scholarship Alumni


The Tylenol Scholarship is not an individual scholarship, as the name suggests. Instead, it is a series of scholarships available for multiple winners to walk away with. For example, in 2014 there was $250,000 given away in scholarships, with recipients receiving $5,000 or $10,000. In that year, there were forty winners. Because the number of applicants and dollars will vary from year to year, there is the opportunity for the Tylenol Scholarship to grow, making the opportunity to give away more very possible.

Tylenol Scholarship scholarship


The list of Tylenol Scholarship Alumni is long and impressive. Students that have received this award have gone to participate in numerous parts of the medical field. From Osteopathic experts to surgeons to pediatricians and more, there are numerous recipients of this award that are impacting the health and lives of their fellow man. One recipient even was able to complete a dual major in a medical field and veterinary medicine as a result of her scholarship award. Therefore, as the company itself encourages, those that are going into any healthcare related field—even if in what they may perceive as the periphery—are encouraged to apply. After all, the Tylenol Scholarship has been changing lives and creating dreams for over twenty-four years. There is no reason that it might not change yours. So take the chance and apply for this year’s scholarship cycle. You have nothing to lose and much to gain in so doing!