Types of Scholarships

Types of Scholarships

If you haven’t done any scholarship searches recently, you may not be aware that you don’t have to be the student with the highest GPA in order to qualify for these financial aid choices. There are scholarships out there today for almost any student who seeks a college education.

No matter what types of scholarships you are pursuing, you should know that you do have financial options that will make it possible to return to school. Regardless of your background, grades or interests, you can gain financial aid to open doors for you to go back to college.

Everything is Awesome Scholarship for Average Students

This scholarship awards $1,000 to eligible students between the ages of 13 and 25. It is intended for average students, not those at the academic top of their classes.

Sometimes, negative circumstances can make it difficult to remember that your life has many good things happening, too. From studying for good grades, even if you’re not a 4.0 student, to exchanging ideas worldwide is amazing, when you think about it.

Things do happen now and then that will bring you down. However, there is always a positive side. What do you find in your life that is awesome? You probably have some great friends and family members. Share your positive thoughts with the scholarship committee for this opportunity. You’ll then be eligible to win this scholarship for your college tuition. Learn more at their website.

The United Negro College Fund

The United Negro College Fund

This fund awards fellowships, scholarships and grants to undergraduate, graduate and post-doctorate college students of African American heritage. You must show an exemplary achievement in the academic field for this scholarship. These types of scholarships are targeted for minority students.

Scholarships and grants for students of African American descent are offered by private and public organizations, and by colleges, as well. They have recognized and support the necessity of providing opportunities for education to minority groups that are under-represented at the college level.

The UNCF scholarships were established to inspire and encourage students, so that they may pursue a higher education. Research the scholarships available ahead of time, so that you’ll have the websites saved when you’re ready to apply.

Searching for scholarships that encourage African-American entries is not difficult. Foundations, advocacy groups and other organizations are there to help, and they want to assist exceptional students who aspire to receive their degree. Visit the Sallie Mae website for more information.

Reaching for Gold Scholarships for Women

These types of scholarships cover all areas of study, at the undergraduate level. Since college costs are every-increasing, financial problems may be a barrier to your studying for a college degree. Tuition, books and room and board may be overwhelming expenses for students who wish to return to college.

For more than 10 years, the Reaching for Gold scholarship has been recognizing benevolent and academic achievement among women of color. The Omega Phi Beta website has additional information.

Do Something Awards

Do Something Awards – Community Service Scholarships

These awards, sponsored by “Do Something”, provide open types of scholarships and grants to people who want to affect change in their communities. You can enter if you are a citizen of the US or Canada.

Five nominees will win $10,000 or more in community scholarships and grants. The winner of the grand prize receives $100,000 in total, in community grants. You’ll find a lot more information at the Do Something website.