UIC Scholarships

Students who are currently enrolled or planning to enroll in UIC typically wonder how to fund the cost of the college education. Luckily, there are a variety of scholarships that are open to UIC students. One of the best ways to locate scholarships that you might be eligible to receive is to complete the FAFSA application as early as possible. This form will quickly tell you whether you have qualified for any federal or state funding. In addition, UIC itself offers a number of great scholarship options for UIC students. Below is a short list of some of the many scholarships available at UIC:

President’s Award Program Honors: This scholarship is awarded to incoming freshmen students. Winners are chosen based on a combination of class rank, ACT score, and membership in certain groups (i.e., underrepresented groups, financially needy, etc.). Students are nominated by a Chancellor at UIC and then are interviewed. All students are automatically considered for this scholarship, so no separate application is needed. Additional information about this scholarship can be found here.

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Scholarships: Students might not realize that each individual college and school has its own departmental funding. The LAS College offers over 20 different scholarships to high achieving students and/or students who demonstrate financial need. The amount of the awards varies widely, from just several hundred dollars to a full ride. Additional information about these scholarships and the application procedure can be found here.

University Fellowships: In order to be considered for a University Fellowship, students must fill out an Application for Graduate Appointment and turn it in to their program. There will be space to craft a personal statement on this form to tell the reviewers more about your career plans and goals. Students should also submit their GRE scores, three letters of recommendation, and transcripts. Additional information about the application process can be found here.

Study Abroad Scholarships: UIC students who are interested in studying abroad have a number of scholarships open to them. Some awards, such as the Honors College Study Abroad Scholarships, are only open to students in the Honors Program. This award provides students with a scholarship somewhere in the range of $1,000-$2,500. Other awards, such as the Max Kade Travel Grant, are open to any student who plans to study in a specific country. This award provides awards that vary in amount (by that do not exceed $1,000) to support a UIC’s student who wishes to study in Germany. Other country specific scholarships exist for the following countries: Poland, Spain, Mexico, Italy, China, and France. For a additional information about these scholarships, and other study abroad scholarships, make sure to review this link.

The majority of the scholarships at UIC are listed on SnAP. You will need to login to this account with your institution username and password. Once you have logged in, you will be able to see a full listing of scholarships that you may wish to apply for. The homepage for SnAP can be found here.